Dr. Christian Jessen Hair Transplant

No one is immune from hair loss and it can affect any person at any point in time due to a variety of reasons. It is natural that people associated with the field of medicine too go under hair loss. The situation can be compounded if the person balding does a television show regarding the physical appearance of one’s body.

A similar situation was faced by Dr. Christian Jessen who hosts the show Embarrassing Bodies. Dr. Christian had a hair transplant surgery in 2009 in order to get rid of his hair thinning conundrum.The surgery brought great results and his hair loss issue was resolved.


However, in recent times, he again lost quite a few hair on the front of the scalp and gave a thin hair appearance. The doctor had to bear the brunt of some rather cruel Twitter rants aimed at his appearance as a result.

The reason behind this was a serious bout of pneumonia. Illnesses can temporarily cause hair loss due to a phenomenon called Telogen Effluvium. Most of the hair comeback once the illness comes to an end as was the case with Dr. Christian. However, he did lose some strands permanently and his hair had a thin appearance afterwards. He explained the whole affair himself.

“Most of my hair grew back after the pneumonia but there was just a bit less,” Jessen said. “Any serious illness can result in hair loss. The same thing can happen to women after they give birth.”

He was unaware of the possibility of a second hair transplant was possible and once he came to know about it, he opted for it rather quickly. To fix the front of the scalp and some patches with thinning in other areas, Jessen had a hair transplant with 3000 grafts. He also felt that the results were great and the techniques had improved in the four years between his two hair transplants.

He now joins the long list of celebrities who have not undergone a hair transplant but are gladly accepting it as well. The masses too are no longer finding such procedures to be scandalous and understand that celebs too are after all, humans.

If hair loss is troubling you, it is high time to act and talk to a hair transplant surgeon about the possibilities. To learn more, come visit Hair Transplant Dubai clinic or fill free online consultation form below.

March 19, 2015
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Dr. Christian Jessen Hair Transplant

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