Advantages and Disadvantages of FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is modern hair transplant technique for extracting hair follicles. The technique makes surgical hair restoration a minimally invasive surgery as it does not involve much intervention on body tissues. The method has overcome a number of disadvantages that the old approach of strip harvesting used to have.

Like any other surgical procedure, FUE Hair Transplant also has a long list of pros and cons. But the good thing is advantages of FUE Hair Transplant outclass its advantages and probably this is the reason behind its tremendous popularity all over the world. Here is a brief of comparison of advantages and disadvantages of FUE hair transplant.


Pros of FUE Hair Transplant:

  • It does not need an incision or stitches.
  • It does not result in a long linear scar in the donor area.
  • Dotted scars that are formed due to FUE are far less visible than the linear scar offered by FUT.
  • It does not result in much bleeding.
  • It offers quick recovery with minimum discomfort.
  • It can be performed to regrow hair on scars as well.
  • It provides the surgeon a chance to take out only selected hair follicles.

Cons of FUE Hair Transplant:

Continuous research and effort made by scientists brought advancements in FUE hair transplant. However, there are still some factors which may be attributed as its side effects.

  • It is a quite slow process that requires a lot of time and effort of the surgeon for graft extraction.
  • Transplanting a large number of grafts may require multiple sessions
  • It costs more than a traditional FUT procedure.
  • Graft damage rate is a little higher in case of FUE as compared to traditional strip method transplant.
  • There are not many surgeons who master the technique because it is a difficult method and can only be performed well by skilful and experienced surgeons.

Automation in FUE hair transplant

To overcome the aforementioned shortcomings, researchers made automated punch tool for graft harvesting. The introduction of automated punch tool for extraction of donor hair follicles has made the surgery easy on the surgeon’s part. Now, surgeons use mechanical punch instead of manual punch. The new procedure has worked great for making the transplant more efficient and less time consuming. Previously, the number of damaged hair follicles used to increase in large sessions. But, mechanical punching overcomes this disadvantage by carefully taking out hair follicles.

FUE Hair transplant is an easy and effective treatment for hair loss sufferers. The modern technique has made it possible to have hair surgically restored with minimum side effects. It certainly is a valuable addition in surgical hair restoration that has made hair transplantation even more popular among hair loss sufferers.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of FUE Hair Transplant

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