Bleaching and Hair Thinning

People often ask; “can bleaching your hair cause it to thinning?” Trying different hair colors is awesome but you also need to know possible harms hair bleaching can cause.

This blog post explains the negative effects bleaching on hair. If you are used to bleach hair but want to avoid possible side effects, this topic is for you.

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Bleaching and Hair Thinning

People who are used to dye hair are worried about the possible harms hair bleaching can cause. Their concerns are valid because there hair might be at risk of thinning or other types of damage.

All of us have a specific natural color and there are a number of hair colors exist in this world. When we try to make changes to this natural color, we may have to experience some side effects.

Bleaching hair occasionally or rarely may not be much harmful to your hair but you should be worried if you dye hair regularly.

Actually, hair color products are made of different chemicals and some of those ingredients can damage hair or make them weaker.

Please note that hair bleaching can make your hair brittle, dry, and inelastic and these changes can go on to create other fluctuations.

For example, hair can start splitting and hair can start falling due to hair colors. Moreover, hair becomes porous after bleaching and may suffer from further damage due to styling habits.

Due to the reasons discussed above, hair can suffer from mild to severe hair loss. As a result, the scalp can develop thin areas if dyeing hair does not stop.

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Key Takeaways

It is clear from the above discussion that bleaching hair on a regular basis can harm the hair. You should consult a hair care expert if you bleach your hair and want to keep your hair safe.

If you are a man or a woman who has lost hair due to any reason, you can try one of our male or female hair loss treatment to get good hair volume back again.

One of the hair care experts at our clinic can guide you further. You can call our number to fill our online form to schedule an appointment with a doctor.

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