Are Eyelash Implants are Forever

Some people lose eyelash hair due to disease, accident, burns, etc. On the other hand, some people just want to have good hair volume in this area. It is possible to restore or enhance hair growth in the eyelash area; thanks to our latest eyelash hair transplant. Are eyelash implants permanent? This blog post explains how long eyelash implants can last in general.

If you are interested in eyelash implants, this topic is for you.

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What Are Eyelash Implants?

Eyelash hair transplantation or eyelash implants is a unique way of implanting hair grafts in the eyelash area with an aim to grow more, bigger eyelash hair.

Some people naturally have a small number of eyelash hair than normal. Moreover, some people lose it due to an accident, illness, burns or other reason.

For anyone with no to low hair volume in this important area, eyelash implants can be helpful.

Are Eyelash Implants Permanent?

The appearance of the human face is defined by a number of facial components including but not limited to the eyes, nose, and lips. The appearance of the eyes is defined by the eyebrows and eyelash hair.

An eyelash implants procedure can naturally restore hair growth if a person has no or low eyelash hair volume. To do so, hair from the backside of the scalp are first extracted followed by the implantation of these hair grafts in the eyelash area.

This surgical treatment comes with some downtime and side effects but the natural results with last for a long time.

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Some Facts About Eyelash Implants

You may like to know the following important facts about eyelash hair transplant:

  • Its side effects will last for a short time.
  • It lasts for a long time and looks totally natural.
  • It is not too expensive and you can get financing.

Eyelash Transplant:  Key Takeaways

You have read how long can eyelash implants last normally. If your eyelashes hair are not growing or you just want to enhance it, you can try our latest eyelash hair transplant.

Should you have it? How much does it cost? You can get your questions answered by speaking to one of our seasoned hair restoration surgeons. Contact now and make an appointment.

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Are Eyelash Implants are Forever

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