Is The Cost Of Hair Transplant Worthwhile?

Many people lose hair at an early age and feel old even in their 20s. It is not a great feeling and one that most people want to get rid of. The best way to tackle with this problem is to get hair restoration. While there are many options that one can choose from, getting a hair transplant is probably the best one. The hair restoration is permanent and there is no need to visit doctors for maintenance purposes.

People often are unsure if to opt for hair transplant procedure due to the high cost. Let’s have a look into more details to see if the option is worthwhile.


Various Options

A person with hair loss has many options to choose from. There are some cosmetic options such as false hair, sprays and powders that give an illusion of thicker hair on the scalp. These generally last for a couple of days and need to be used permanently in order to give areas that have undergone thinning.

Many people go with options such as hair restoration systems which are practically customized and more advanced versions of wigs. They generally look pretty good but need to be professionally adjusted every few weeks and have a life of couple of years.

Hair transplants cost the most but also offer permanent results. The hair start growing in about three to four months of the transplant and reach full length in about a year. Transplanted hair do not undergo hair loss.


The cosmetic options generally look good but have no substantial shelf life. The restoration systems are a good fix too but generally are useful when hair loss is too extensive for a transplant to be practical. For most cases, hair transplants are the most useful option.


Even though other options cost less than a hair transplant, the fact that they need permanent maintenance and replacement makes them quite costly in the longer run as well. Hair transplant surgery is a one-time cost and the results are for life.

Uplift in the Persona

The most important part of a hair transplant is the amount of confidence is brings back to the person. Especially people that undergo hair loss at an early age feel young once again. This and the above mentioned reasons most certainly make a hair transplant worthwhile.

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March 24, 2015
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