Elton John Hair Transplant

Sir Elton John is one of the most famous names of the music industry all over the world. He enjoys a fan following in every nook and corner of the planet. The 67-year-old is one of the most selling singer of all times. He has released 30 albums in a career that spans over five decades.

Sir Elton has been carrying himself in a stylish manner throughout his music career. He maintains an impressive persona in public. At a fairly young age the musical maestro experienced severe hair loss. Most of the hair on his scalp were gone and very few strands very left. To counter the problem, he underwent a hair transplant surgery.


It’s not a very recent event and took place about three decades ago. Elton John is probably one of the very first celebrities who underwent such a transplant procedure. Back in the day, hair transplants were pretty coarse and good results were rare. Public acceptance of such adventures was also not very high and often led to mocking.

The surgeon certainly did a good job on the Briton’s scalp and the results are quite impressive especially considering that the techniques back in the early 80s were pretty basic in comparison with current ones. Many people ended up with patchy hair which looked worse than a bald scalp. The singer did have trouble with the masses who did not take his transplant in a good light and plenty mocking took place.

Sir Elton certainly made the right choice though as he still looks very good with his hair. People now too are more understanding and generally not too bothered since a celebrity getting a hair transplant has become very common. Celebs like James Nesbitt, Wayne Rooney and Louis Walsh have been very open about their transplants that have been very successful in the recent years.

If you are suffering from hair loss and it has damaged your appearance or personality in any manner, it is a good idea to get a hair transplant to resurrect your looks and confidence. The full results can be seen in a year and it is the only permanent solution to deal with hair loss.

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