The Secret Life Of Your Growing Beard

Men love their facial hair as it gives them a sense of masculinity. Those men who are blessed with naturally healthy and thick beards tend to flaunt them often. However, since everyone is not that lucky, many men need assistance in growing a healthy beard. For this purpose, they need to understand the beard hair growth pattern. If they understand how it grows, it will help them take better care of their beard hair. As a result, they will be able to flaunt it like a boss in no time.

This article explains the pattern of beard hair growth and the secrets of growing a healthy beard. Continue reading if you also want to grow healthy beard hair.

Bad Beard Habits to Avoid

Sometimes the problem with growing a healthy beard lies in our unhealthy habits. Most men don’t care for their beards, and as a result, it either doesn’t grow at all, or the hairs fall out.

It is essential to know that a number of men suffer from pattern baldness and need hair transplants. If they have healthy beards, a beard hair transplant to scalp can be easily performed. So, avoid the following habits and let your beard hair grow naturally:

  • Don’t pull at your beard hair unnecessarily.
  • Avoid plucking your beard hair every time you see grey hair.
  • Stop stroking your beard all the time.
  • Don’t forget to moisturize your beard hair.
  • Avoid using a hairbrush for your beard hair.
  • Get a beard shampoo, and don’t use hair shampoo on your beard.
  • Learn how to blow-dry the beard correctly.
  • Consider a different beard neckline to complement your face.
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Understanding the Beard Hair Growth Cycle

Human hair grows in a pre-defined four-phase growth cycle. An average man grows about half an inch of beard hair every month. However, during different phases of the cycle, the beard hair is not growing, and hair follicles are dormant. Therefore, it is essential to understand the growth cycle to grow a healthy beard.

The four-phase beard hair growth cycle is explained below:

  • Anagen – The Growth Phase

The hair forms and grows during this stage. Generally, the anagen phase for the beard lasts for about 2-4 months. However, it can last longer depending on a person’s genetics.

  • Catagen – The Regressive Phase

During the catagen phase, the compartments of the follicle begin to shrink. Typically, hair follicles can shrink up to 70% during this phase. This phase only lasts for a few weeks before the hair enters the next phase.

  • Telogen – The Resting Phase

The hair follicle enters the resting stage during the telogen phase. This phase can last for several months.

  • Exogen – The Shedding Phase

In the last phase of the growth cycle, the hair falls out, and new hair grows after it. The fourth stage was recognized recently in humans. While anagen, catagen, and telogen hairs are anchored to the follicles, exogen hairs are only passively retained. It means that exogen hair can easily fall out.

Factors Influencing the Beard Growth

Factors Influencing the Beard Growth

The following factors play a vital role in growing a healthy beard with enough hair volume:

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Hormones
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle Choices

All these factors combine to play a crucial role in beard growth. However, usually, it is more than one factor affecting the growth rate of the beard. So, it’s better to consult an expert instead of assuming the underlying causes of a patchy or thin beard.

The Three S’s to a Thick Beard

Some men have immense beard potential if they take care of the following three S’s:

  • Smoking

Smoking is a huge health hazard in several ways. However, one of the lesser-known risks of smoking is hair loss. So, if you have always wanted to quit this disgusting habit, now is the time. Get rid of the cigarettes for good and do your beard hair a favor.

  • Stress

Stress isn’t anybody’s best friend, but we all experience it from time to time. While there is no stress-switch that we can turn off, we can always try to de-stress ourselves. Stress can have extremely adverse effects on the beard growth rate. It weakens the immune system that leads to poor hair growth.

  • Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for a number of reasons. It does not only improve a person’s health but also makes them more productive. Moreover, while a person sleeps, his/her body temperature lowers, leading to increased blood circulation. As a result of increased blood circulation, enough nutrients reach the hair follicles, making them healthier. So, make sure you sleep peacefully for 8 hours every night.

Tips to Grow a Beard Like a Boss

Growing a healthy beard is not rocket science. You can easily grow a healthy beard full of hair if you follow a healthy diet and good hygiene.

Some easy tips to grow a naturally healthy and full beard are as follows:

  • Eat a healthy diet since lack of essential nutrients can lead to a lower testosterone level – a vital hormone for beard growth. A balanced diet rich in iron, zinc, protein, healthy carbohydrates, and fats can help grow a bushier beard.
  • Use beard oil to keep the beard hair well-moisturized.
  • Keep a separate beard comb or brush instead of using a hairbrush.
  • Trim your beard regularly with a beard trimming scissor. Make sure you use a scissor designed for trimming the beard and not use a regular scissor.

Generally, these tips help grow a healthy beard, but they may not work for some people with an underlying problem. So, if your patchy beard doesn’t grow after following all the tips and remedies, consider a beard hair transplant. This hair restoration method can help you regrow hair faster.

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Ready to Grow a Long and Thick Beard?

A healthy and full beard is a symbol of masculinity. Moreover, if you have healthy beard hair, they can be used in a beard hair transplant to head.

We can say that beard hair can be grown by taking the right care. However, some people need to do more than just taking routine care. It means that they might need to try an advanced treatment, such as a beard hair transplant.

So, if you are a victim of a patchy beard, get in touch with us. Our seasoned hair growth experts offer the latest methods to stimulate beard hair growth. You can consult one of our doctors by scheduling an appointment now. Schedule an appointment by filling the online form or giving us a call TODAY!

January 15, 2020
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