The Secret Life Of Your Growing Beard

Do you want to grow long beard? Just try to understand the pattern of hair growth. You can take better care of your beard hair if you understand the way it grows.

This blog post explains the pattern of beard hair growth and the secrets of growing long a beard. Continue reading if you want to grow long and healthy beard hair.

Avoid These Bad Beard Habits

We often have some bad habits that make beard hair fall and become weaker. You should stop if you have any of the following habits:

  • You have bad neckline shaping
  • You are used to stroking your beard
  • You are used to plucking beard hairs
  • You are used to pulling at your beard
  • You are not used to moisturizing your beard
  • You are used to using a hairbrush for your beard
  • You are used to using hair shampoo for your beard
  • You are used to blow-drying your beard the wrong way
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Understanding The Hair Growth Cycles

Hair, be it the scalp hair or body hair, grows in different cycles that can be divided into four phases.

  1. Anagen – The Growth Phase: The hair grows during this stage.
  2. Catagen – The Regressive Phase: The compartments of the follicle begin to shrink now.
  3. Telogen – The Resting Phase: The hair follicle enters the resting stage and it lasts for several months.
  4. Exogen – The Shedding Phase: The hair falls out in this stage and new hair grows after it.

This fourth stage was only recently recognized in humans. While anagen, catagen, and telogen hairs are anchored to the follicles, exogen hairs are only passively retained… meaning they can easily fall out.

Tips To Grow Beard Like A Boss

Some best practices can help you grow a long beard. Here are some tips that can help in this regard:

  • Know how to mind the borders
  • Keep trimming your beard hair a bit
  • Take routine care and eat a healthy diet
  • Use beard oil to keep your beard moisturized

If you have a patchy kind of beard and you need a thick beard, consider trying beard hair transplant. This hair restoration method can help you regrow hair fast.

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Ready To Grow Long And Thick Beard?

We can say that beard hair can be grown longer by taking the right care. Some people need to do more than just taking routine care. Mean to say, they might need to try an advanced treatment.

With the help of our seasoned hair growth experts, we offer the latest methods to trigger beard hair growth. You can consult one of our doctors by scheduling an appointment now. Contact now!

January 15, 2020
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The Secret Life Of Your Growing Beard

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