Have you damaged your hairs? Wondering if it is possible to repair damaged hairs? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. Here we will not only answer your questions but also share with you 5 simple ways to repair damaged hair. Unfortunately, hair gets damaged quite quickly. Simple glitches in your daily hair care regimen can damage your delicate hair shafts big time. But luckily, bringing the damaged hair strands back to good health is very much possible; it will take some time though. Follow these simple tips and restore your damaged tresses at home.


  1. Early Diagnosis Is The Key:

Remember, the lesser the damage, the greater are the chances to repair it. Therefore, you can safely say that early detection is the key to hair repairing. Does your hair look dull and dry? Can you detect some split ends? Or your scalp is acting a little weird – itchy, flaky and dry all the time? These are all signs that you have damaged hair. Don’t take these symptoms easy. It is high time to start your hair repair work and bring your damaged hair strands back to life.

  1. Start With A Good Trim:

The first thing that you need to do to make your damaged hair look better is get a good trim. This does not mean that you should get a super short cut to get rid of all the damaged hairs. Leave some length and treat the remaining dead and dry ends.

  1. Say No To Hot Styling Tools:

Hair styling tools as the main culprits when it comes to hair damage. Heat from styling tools, such as blow dryers, curling rods and flat irons damage not only your hair shafts but also the hair follicles in the scalp, curbing their ability to grow thick, healthy hairs. After you shampoo and condition your damaged locks, apply some restorative serum to them and let them air dry. If you really need to blow dry, keep it on the lowest heat setting.

  1. Chemical Treatments And Hair Dyes Are A Big No:

Chemical treatments and hair colors are extremely damaged for hairs even when they are in their ample health. And if your hairs are damaged, don’t you even think to expose them to harsh chemicals present in dyes. According to a latest research, hair colors contain over 5000 chemicals. So, you can very well imagine the consequence of dying hair that is already damaged.

  1. Shampoo And Condition Properly:

Most of us don’t know that the shampoos and conditioners that we are using to keep our hairs and scalp clean can also be a source of damage. If you are not using the right hair care products, suitable for your hair type and texture, or you are not using them properly, this can damage your hair big time. Avoid shampooing your locks daily, as this deprives your locks off their natural oils, leading to dry and fragile hairs, prone to breakage.

These tips are really effective in repairing damaged hair, but need time and patience to work. Severely damaged hair may not respond to these fixes.

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