How to Shield Your Hair from Sun Damage

Sun is a good thing for us. Not only is it our only source of heat which is essential for our survival, it also has a great number of benefits to our health. Too much exposure to sun, however, can be an issue. The skin and hair are pretty badly damaged when it is beating down hard.

Skin can mostly be protected by applying UV creams with a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor), it is a touch more complicated with the hair. Greater care should be taken to ensure that the locks we love are not damaged.  It’s not all that hard and one needs to persevere with the right habits. These are some small yet significant steps we can take to shield hair from sun damage.


Avoid Peak Sun Hours

Unless you absolutely have to, try to avoid getting out during the peak hours of heat. This is the best way to prevent the damage from happening in the first place. Obviously it is not possible every time, but it can surely help when done. Get up early and get the job done before the sun really gets on top.

The Umbrella

Nope, its not just for rainy days. It helps better when used on a sunny day. It may not be the biggest fashion accessory to carry around but it surely will come in handy for your hair and skin. You can also use a hat to shield hair from sun damage. Just make sure that the hat is not too tight since that can damage hair as well.

The Right Shampoos

Using the right shampoos and conditioners that hydrate your hair are also a fantastic tool. Even if you have gone through a day in the sun, using such products can help in getting the damage reversed.

UV Shielding Products

There are a number of hair care products that protect for the Ultra Violet rays of the sun. If you are going to have a long day in the open, putting these products on can be a life saver for your hair. If its summer, make sure that you do not leave home without applying these products, just like the UV creams for the skin.

Leave in Conditioners

There are some specific conditioners that can be left in the hair and there is no need to wash them away. Using these while you leave for outdoors can be helpful as well.

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