Why Get Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi

Hair loss is a quite common issue among both men and women. Hundreds of hair loss patients get hair transplant in Abu Dhabi every month to restore a thicker and fuller head of hair. Are you also planning to undergo hair transplant surgery in Abu Dhabi? Wondering which hair transplant procedure is right for you? Or not sure from where you should get the hair transplant surgery done? Here are 4 reasons why get stem cell hair transplant in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Quality Is Never Compromised

In UAE, Ministry of Health (MOH) is the regulatory body looking after medical and healthcare services. It is due to these revised, strict regulations that the quality of medical procedures, including hair transplant surgery, is never compromised, in any state, including Abu Dhabi. You can safely expect all hair transplant clinics in the United Arab Emirates to provide excellent quality services and best results of hair transplant, regardless of the differences in the cost of surgery.


  1. It Is Affordable

Hair Transplant surgery is believed to be a very expensive procedure and in developed countries it really is an elite-class treatment. But it is not the case with Abu Dhabi. Every hair restoration facility in the city offers the procedure at a reasonable cost as compared to the costly hair restoration in developed countries. Average cost of FUT hair transplant in Abu Dhabi is between AED 10 and AED 15, whereas average estimated cost of FUE transplant lies between AED 15-20.

  1. Flexible Cost Of Hair Transplant:

Another key reason behind popularity of stem cell hair transplant in Abu Dhabi is its flexible cost. Every hair restoration facility in the city offers a different range of hair transplant cost. But one thing is for sure that every provider offers the procedure at highly affordable cost, without compromising on the quality of the procedure. Do some research to find out which clinic offers the best hair transplant surgery at a cost that you can afford easily.

  1. Abu Dhabi Homes The Leading Names In Hair Transplant

The concept of medical tourism has evolved a lot in the United Arab Emirates over the last few years. This has attracted many top notch healthcare providers from around the world to come and open their hair transplant clinics in UAE. Many international hair transplant clinics have also started opening their branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Now you get the surgery done by some big names in hair transplantation in the world, and that too at highly competitive rates.


If you are interested in getting a stem cell hair transplant in Abu Dhabi, put your trust in our Hair Transplant Clinic and you would not be disappointed. We also offer FREE CONSULTATIONS for our esteemed clients. Spare a minute and fill the form below to earn a free consultation with one of our highly skilled hair transplant surgeons.

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