Why Everyone Is Rushing to Get Hair Transplants?

To start with, it’s better first to understand what a hair transplant is? Hair Transplantation in Dubai is a non-invasive surgical technique for restoration of hair. The rate of individuals losing hair getting bald is increasing, and there are numerous reasons behind it. Some people inherit it; it’s in their genetics. Others may lose hair due to the use of some medications that make the immune system attack their own tissues.

Today’s life is stressful and tiring which causes the people not to pay attention to the food they eat, the hours of sleep they are taking and what kind of lifestyle they are living. All they are a concern is to wake up next morning and go to work; this leads to deficiencies due to lack of nutrient intake. Lack of intake of proteins and vitamins in the diet affects the hair.


What happens in a Hair Transplantation in Dubai?

The process of hair transplant is simple and safe. Let’s look at the steps.

  • Proper selection of the donor hairs for the transplantation
  • Injection anesthesia into the donor area
  • Extraction of the hair follicles
  • Preparation of hair follicles for the transplantation
  • Drawing hairline at benefactor region
  • Making incisions at the benefactor region
  • Transplanting the hair follicles into the incisions

After the process is completed, you are free to leave, but some medications are recommended by the doctor which should be strictly followed to prevent any infection around the transplanted hair. Smoking is avoided to quicken up the healing process. The transplanted hair fall out after two weeks’ time with the replacement of new hair which fully grow in nine months.

Why should you opt for Hair Transplantation in Dubai?

  1. It is the permanent solution for hair loss.
  2. It requires the transplantation of your own hair which makes the body accept the transplanted hair.
  3. The transplanted hair are natural and easily manageable.
  4. No chemicals are used during the process which could damage the hair follicles.
  5. Boosts the confidence and self-esteem.
  6. The procedure is safe.
  7. No pain during or after the treatment.
  8. More effective than other artificial systems.
  9. Cost effective than other treatments, as it is a onetime cost.
  10. Transplanted hair grow and can be colored and styled according to your wish.


Visiting our clinic for consultation can help you if you have any confusions about the hair transplant. Our surgeon can guide you properly on the Hair Transplantation in Dubai and the practiced techniques. He would make a scalp examination and would make a concern to know about your lifestyle, diet and medical history to know the real cause of the hair loss. After the scalp examination, he can determine the type and stage of hair loss.

Our Hair Transplant Dubai clinic offers a free consultation for hair loss sufferers. Our team consists of best surgeons of UAE who can guide you on the technique and will tell you if your hair loss should be treated with hair transplant or not on the basis of the required amount of hair follicles for the transplantation. After examination, if the donor supply would be limited it would not be recommended and other treatment to cure the problem would be suggested. We provide a friendly environment for our patients to easily interact with the surgeons and clear any query they have. Fill the form now, for a free consultation and rescue yourself from the hair loss misery.

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