What to Look for When Selecting a Hair Transplant Surgeon?

Hair transplantation is the advanced solution to cover your bald areas and to solve the hair problem. It’s done by the extraction of hair from the donor area like back or sides of the head and then implanted in the recipient area or in the bald areas, where treatment is needed.

The most important question is, from where you can get a permanent, and natural looking hair transplant and at an affordable cost. Because everybody can’t afford expensive treatments.


Then next important question is that what to look for when selecting a hair transplant surgeon? Most of the people waste their time in searching a professional and best hair transplant surgeon. So now they don’t have to search more because they can get hair transplant with satisfying and natural looking results from the best hair transplant surgeons in Dubai.

Mostly men get the hair transplant because most hair transplant techniques were just for men in the past times. But now women are also suffering from an extreme hair loss, and they can also get hair transplant due to the advancement in the hair transplant techniques.

Women can also use home remedies to cure their hair problems like hair loss and thinning of hair. But when the problem increases, then they can also get the hair transplant. There are some techniques of hair transplant which are invented especially to keep in mind the problem of women hair loss.

While selecting a hair transplant surgeon, choose the one that has a recognized certificate from a recognized institution. It’s very important because it’s a solid proof that you will get a perfect hair transplant.

Only having certification, documentation of the hair transplant surgeon isn’t enough. There are some clinics which are fake and so they produce worst results. You can get an infection after getting a hair transplant from any fake and unrecognized clinic. Don’t worry as you can get natural results by the best hair transplant surgeons in Dubai from a reputed clinic.

The most common and annoying problem nowadays is hair loss, which is not hidden at all. People living all around the world of varying ages, genders, and ethnicities are suffering from hair loss problem.

According to the study, experts suggest that the hair loss problem can be caused by many reasons like due to sudden weight loss, high fever, illness, weakness, experienced an operation, birth control pills, intake of prescribed medications due to medical disorders like Thyroid / Hypothyroidism, Cancer, iron deficiency/ Anaemia etc. use to tie hair tightly like tight ponytails, braids, menstruation, pregnancy, drugs like smoking etc. Lupus, hormonal imbalance, genetics/ hereditary, scalp disorders/ problems like infections, ringworms etc. permanent dye colors. Physiological, emotional stress due to any tensed situation or event like the death of any beloved one etc. using heating tools like curlers, straighter, blow dryer.

Some aliphatic medicines, home remedies and homeopathic medicines can only temporary stop the hair loss problem.  And sometimes medicines don’t reverse the problem of hair fall, instead, you have to get a procedure/ treatment to cure hair problems. The best hair transplant surgeons in Dubai can give you satisfactory results and will guide you related to your hair problems.

Suggestions for the Selection of the Best Hair transplant Surgeon:

  • The best hair transplant surgeon would help you to evaluate, guide you through before and after care needed after getting a hair transplant treatment, surgical or non-surgical procedure.
  • The best hair transplant surgeon would only investment his time and resources to give you the best results, instead of focusing on the commercial advertisement.
  • How many patients has undergone or had a treatment from this surgeon, providing the proof of his skills and expertise.
  • The hair transplant surgeon should be able to provide you at least a dozen sets of before and after photographs as an evidence.
  • Have a look on the hair transplant surgeons’ reputation regarding this specific field of hair loss. that either he’s a respected and reputed surgeon or not.
  • Have a look on the years of the hair transplant surgeon’s experience.
  • Does the hair transplant surgeon perform hair surgeries every day?
  • How many hair transplant techniques can the hair transplant surgeon can perform professionally and with good results?
  • How many medical conferences does the hair transplant surgeon has attended?
  • Does the hair transplant surgeon carries out his own consultations with the patient or does he refer to a non-medical consultant?

So you can have a perfect option to get a natural and permanent hair transplant. And these all must be fulfilled by the best hair transplant surgeons in Dubai.

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