Use of Follicular Units in a Hair Transplant Surgery

If you are looking for it, Androgenic Alopecia is the culprit behind hair loss. It affects about 80% of the people at some stage in life. Both men and women become victims of this condition. While the effects in some cases are not all that obvious, there are many people who lose most of their hair. Getting a hair transplant is their only recourse in this matter.

The two most commonly used procedures for hair restoration are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), also known as the strip method. There are no points for guessing that Follicular Units are apparent in both these procedures. So what exactly are the follicular units and how they help us counter the hair loss? Let’s try and find the answer to these questions.


Follicular Units

It is a small group of one to four hair that naturally occurs. Other elements that a follicular unit has include sebaceous glands, nerves, a small muscle and at times small vellus hair. These follicular units are used for the purpose of transplant.

Getting Follicular Units for Transplant

The process varies with the type of procedure that is being used. In FUT, a strip of scalp is cut from the donor area. Later these follicles are separated in small groups under a stereo microscope. The technique gives reasonably good results though some follicles get damaged during the dissecting process.

In FUE, the extraction is done with the help of a pneumatic punch which extracts individual follicles. The technique the latest in the industry and provides with excellent results. Unlike the strip method, there is no linear scar left and the follicles are more likely to be grafted with success.

Transplanting Process

The next and most important step is that of placing the follicular units in their places. The recipient areas are prepared by making small incisions with specialized needles as per the planning that has been done before hand. Each follicle is placed in these incisions. It is a long and time taking process that must be carefully performed in order to achieve best results.

Once the process is complete, the new hair will fall in a phenomenon known as shedding. These will be replaced with newer, stronger hair that should grow very well in one year’s time.

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