Understanding Shock Loss after Hair Transplant

Before making the appointment to have a hair transplant, it is important to do sufficient research on the procedure. This is because there are some side effects that you might experience after the procedure like shock loss of hair.

The purpose of this research is to help you understand and prepare yourself for what might come after a hair transplant in Dubai. Some effects might be permanent while some would just need some “sitting out” to allow it to be over and done with then back to the normal self, albeit better than the beginning.


In this issue we will be helping you understand “shock loss” of hair after hair transplant; what it is, how it can be managed and what to expect afterwards.

In a nutshell, shock loss can easily be defined as the shedding of your hair, as a response to the distress that your scalp went through during the extraction and implantation of hair. It is considered to be part of the healing process, and gives way for the growth of new and robust hair follicles.

Shock hair loss takes place where hair follicles have been implanted between the native hair, which is “hair transplant language” for your individual natural hair. This loss of hair due to trauma caused to the scalp cannot be avoided. It is part of the journey, hence necessary, and at the end all the hairs will re-grow stronger and thicker next to your new hairs

Timeline of Shock Loss 

It is an open secret in the medical world – cosmetic or otherwise – that each person heals differently due to their distinctive biology. So when you experience shock loss, your doctor might say that it will be over in six weeks’ time or 3 weeks’ time or even 3 months’ time. What you should remember is that there is not an exact time for this.

On the other hand, shock loss might start after a few days or weeks; mostly between 4 and 6 weeks. So when this happens, you might expect your hair to start growing immediately. This is again very difficult for you or your hair surgeon to predict; thanks to the uniqueness of each person’s biology.

Some people might notice that their hair starts to grow after two months, while for others it can take as long as four months, which might create a lot of worry and frustration for you. But if you think yours is taking long to grow, there are patients who did not see full results until 9 months to one year after the hair transplant.

What you should remember is that while shock loss is an actual concern, finding the right hair transplant Dubai clinic, will make your hair transplant a pleasant and life altering experience.

Another thing to bear in mind is that after undergoing a hair transplant in Dubai, you should expect to look worse before you look better; that is just how it works.

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