Transplanting Hairs To Increase Fullness

Are you seeking an effective way to increase fullness of scalp? Or you are not sure if hair transplant surgery can be used to increase fullness? Hair Transplant Surgery is the most effective and long-lasting solution for hair thinning and baldness. There is a common misconception that hair transplant surgery is a procedure to treat baldness only. But the fact is that surgeons across the world are using surgical hair restoration to help people increase fullness. The procedure in either case remains the same, but the number of grafts required and the time taken to complete the surgery varies significantly.


What Causes Hair Thinning?

Hair loss can occur due to various reasons, from malnutrition to stress and anxiety and from poor hair care to some underlying medical condition. Based on these causes, hair loss is divided into different types. One hair loss type that causes baldness is androgenic alopecia, aka male pattern baldness. Remaining hair loss types usually result in hair thinning – both generalized and localized. People often believe that hair transplant surgery is a procedure to fill up bald spots only. But the reality is, it can be used to add fullness to the areas with significant hair thinning.


The procedure for treating hair thinning is the same as that for baldness. The surgeon starts by harvesting DHT-resistant follicular units from the donor site – back or the side of the scalp. Since hair transplant for increasing fullness does not require large number of grafts, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is often used for graft harvesting. These follicular units are then artfully transplanted in the areas with hair thinning.


These newly transplanted hairs take a couple of weeks to attach themselves to the blood supply. Once they start growing naturally, they grow just like the existing hairs in the surroundings and usually do not fall off permanently again. Cyclical hair shedding will however occur. You can cut and style the transplanted hairs as usual. No special care or attention is needed.

Hair Transplant To Increase Facial Hair Fullness:

Surgeons nowadays are using hair transplant surgeries to increase fullness of facial hairs as well. If you are also not satisfied with the thickness of your beard, or want to fill up sparse eyebrows and wish to have thick and healthy eyelashes, you can always benefit from facial hair transplant.

Hair Transplant To Increase Fullness In Dubai:

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