Ten key tips regarding hair transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that removes grafts/ hair follicles from the donor area and transplants these follicles to the recipient’s area. Hair transplant is easily accessible to everyone. It is no longer a luxury available only to celebrities. Most of people today are going through hair loss issues at one point in their lives. Although there are many non surgical cures an home remedies available, most of the time the only option left is hair transplant. Consider these ten tips in regards to hair transplant:


  1. Research

It is important to research a little, on your own to determine which hair transplant is best suited for you. There are a number of surgical procedures available in market. State of art technologies like ultra refined grafting, follicular unit transplant, FUE hair transplant are all significant in producing natural and permanent results.

Learn a little more about them to make sure you have sufficient knowledge about each of them in order to choose the technique that suits you best.

  1. Talk to people

Get hold of some patients if you can, who have undergone hair transplant surgery. Talk to them about the surgeons, hair clinics, pros and cons of the surgery and any after effects they might be facing. Talking with patients undergone different types of hair transplants will also help you determine which technique produces most natural looking results.

  1. Selecting a surgeon

Now that you have chosen a technique, whether it is FUT or FUE hair transplant in dubai, it is important to consider selecting a surgeon. The skill and expertise of a surgeon is directly related to the number of success stories that individual surgeon has. Consider things such as before and after images of the patients, equipment and experience to find out the best surgeon.

  1. Cost of the procedure

Cost of the procedure is one of the main factors associated in deterring whether one should end up getting hair transplant done or not. Do your research. Search the market well. Compare the prices offered by various hair clinics and find a good balance between expertise of the surgeon and the price offered.

  1. Design of hair line

Hair line will determine the overall look and aesthetic appeal of your FUE hair transplant surgery. So consult with your surgeon, determining the best hair line to suit your face.

  1. Hair growth products

Be aware of the hair growth products available in market. They strip you off your money and often times do not provide any significant results. Make sure to use only FDA approved products.

  1. Post op care

Make sure to learn about post op care. Usually surgeon will provide you with all the details in this regard. Remember to take it seriously.

  1. Myths

Discard all the myths associated with hair loss. Clarify your concerns, if any, with your hair transplant surgeon.

  1. Pre op care

Pre op care is extremely critical in determining the overall results and recovery period after your transplant. Get a list of instruction from the surgeon and make sure to follow each and every step

  1. Intuition

At last after all the research you have done, go with your intuition. If something doesn’t feels right then it probably isn’t right. Reach out for the facts, and follow your heart afterwards.

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