Surgical and non surgical hair restoration in Dubai

Many people suffering from hair loss cannot make a decision when it comes to surgical and non surgical hair transplant in Dubai. Causes of hair fall are endless, but there are only two categories when it comes to treatment of hair loss; surgical and non surgical. Normally people choose one over the other is based on many misconceptions, fears and preferences. This article will give you a slight overview of both of the techniques, weigh pros and cons of both and will help you reach a more sensible decision when it comes to choosing hair restoration procedure.


Surgical hair restoration in Dubai

The most common types of hair transplant in Dubai involves FUE AND FUT hair transplant. Many celebrities have undergone such transformations and results are worth it. The results of hair transplant are permanent and do not require maintenance. However for getting the procedure done, a person must have sufficient donor hair. It is certainly not a procedure for individuals with scarce donor hair. Also, it is important that a person must be completely healthy and shouldn’t be suffering from any chronic illnesses.

Pros of hair transplant in Dubai

  • Hair transplant provides natural looking results. You won’t be able to differentiate transplanted hair from actual hair.
  • Hair transplant will provide permanent results. Hair, once transplanted will stay there for the rest of your life and won’t require any maintenance whatsoever.

Cons of hair transplant Dubai

  • There are a few risk and concerns you might experience if you haven’t chosen the right clinic and hair transplant surgeon.
  • You might suffer from any scalp infections but it can be treated via antibiotics.
  • You will experience some pain and discomfort after the surgery.
  • Downtime and recovery period is extensive in comparison to non surgical hair restoration.

Non surgical hair restoration in Dubai

Non surgical solution provide a great alternative to those individuals who are not the ideal candidate for hair transplant or are in the earlier stages of hair fall.  Top notch non surgical hair transplant techniques include PRP treatment, Mesotherapy and ACell PRP therapy. Following are pros and cons of non surgical procedures.

Pros of non surgical hair restoration in Dubai

  • They are definitely an inexpensive alternative to hair transplant procedures.
  • Recovery time is faster and you can go back to your daily routine, the very next day after the treatment.
  • They are ideal choice for those individuals who are known the ideal candidates for surgical hair transplant procedures.

Cons of non surgical treatments

  • One treatment might not work for all. Some individuals can notice significant changes in ones hair while it might not be same for others.
  • You might need to use these treatments again after a couple of years.
  • If your hair follicles are completely dead, they will not work for you.


Hair transplant Dubai offers a variety of surgical and non surgical solutions to you at economical rates. We have incorporated best hair transplant surgeons from all around the world into our team to provide high quality services. You can book a free consultation with us and let our experts guide you on choosing the best solution for your particular problem.

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