Strip Method Hair Transplant (FUT) Dubai

Follicular Unit Transplant is one of the more used hair transplant procedures in Dubai and worldwide. Also known as the FUT Strip Method, it is found be fairly effective in getting the hair back. The process is known for a strip of scalp being cut from the donor area for the purpose of transplant. We should look into the working of the process and its pros and cons below.

Treatment Cost Cost Calculator
Required Time 2-3 Hours
Anethesia General Anethesia
Recovery Time 2 Weeks
Success Rate Very High


Planning of the FUT Strip Method in Dubai is the first step. The surgeon will inquire about the desired density of hair from the patient and plan the course of action accordingly.

It is important to quit smoking a few days before the transplant as it is important for the success of the procedure. The doctor may also ask you to take high doses of Vitamin C for a week or so before the surgery.


On the day of the Fut Hair transplant, necessary cleaning of the donor and recipient site before the procedure is done. The surgeon draws lines on the scalp as per the required hair line. Local anesthesia is then administered to ensure that the patient does not feel any sensation of pain. This is imperative for the surgery.

  • A strip from the scalp is cut in order to get the hair follicles for the transplant. The strip is linear and contains a large number of follicles. Afterwards, the area is sutured. This area is left with a permanent linear scar which is a downside with the procedure. With normal sized hair, the scar is not visible.
  • The strip is the cut into smaller follicular units to be grafted with the help of specially designed micro blades. This process is done under a stereo microscope by an expert. Some follicles can get damaged during the dissection. The follicles are generally stored in saline solution prior to the transplant in order to keep them healthy.
  • Incisions are made in the recipient area for the purpose of inserting the grafts. Specialized needles are used by the surgeon for this all important task to be performed. Once the incisions have been made, the grafts are inserted into them one by one. It’s a time consuming procedure but must be done this way to achieve the desired results.


A good amount of post-operative care is needed with the FUT Strip Method. The down time is generally around two weeks which can vary either way depending on the given individual. Medications are provided by the surgeon for healing of wounds and to avoid a possible infection. It is important to take Vitamin C as well since it helps in the healing process.


The result are often fantastic. New hair grow completely in around a year and give a new and natural youthful look.

FUT Hair Transplantation before after pic


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Preferred Location
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