The research for treatment for hair loss is ongoing and scientists are exploring every possible angle from which success can be obtained. Recently, stem cells were brought to use in an attempt to find a cure to baldness. Much success has been achieved in this effort and although, there is no immediate remedy for hair loss that has been found, a significant step has been taken in the right direction. Many people related with this field of study are excited and hoping that this will be a cornerstone for the ultimate cure. We shall look into this research and why it matters so much.


What has the new research achieved?

In the new research, scientists were able to generate epithelial cells in mice. These are the cells at the top layer of the skin. The numbers that were generated were quite significant and such results have never been had before. This was achieved by bringing to use stem cells. The future studies will now be able to test this on human which certainly is the ultimate goal.

Why is this not the cure?

Epithelial cells are not the only ones found in the follicles and dermal papillae are also present. Unless these cells are also produced, hair generation will not be possible in humans. At this point in time, no one has been able to produce these cells, not in a significant number at least. Unless large number of dermal papillae can be generated at the same time, it is a waiting game.

Action Plan for Future

Researchers will continue to study the phenomenon further and will look to replicate results in humans as well. Further work also needs to be done in the quest of generating dermal papillae.

Doubts Over the Results

Like always, there are some skeptics who feel that the results may not be replicated in humans since there are always complications in human testing. Whether this negative approach is correct or otherwise, we can only know once the results are had.

At the moment, the only permanent hair loss solution is the hair transplants. Until the stem cell experiments are able to achieve the ultimate results, it is best to stick to these procedures.

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