Should you Get a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant surgeries are the only permanent fix to counter hair loss. Many people opt for them to get rid of the problem once and for all. Many are still hesitant about it and are unable to make up their mind. There are certain factors that one needs to ponder over before making the call. We shall discuss these factors in the lines below.


Amount of Hair Loss

The first factor to consider is that how much of hair loss has already taken place. There are different levels of hair loss and the approach will differ in each case. Light hair loss can be completely reversed without much trouble but further hair loss can be expected. Similarly, extensive hair loss may need more than a single transplant session.

Expectations from the Surgery

The expectations that a person has from the surgery is an important factor. For a person with extensive hair loss, it may not be possible to get the hair of the teens back due to the large area to be covered and due to the amount of grafts that may be available in the donor areas. In case of unrealistic expectations, other options such as hair restoration systems may be a lot more practical.

Expected Hair Loss in Future

Preempting the hair loss that is likely going to take place in future is also very important. If a person is expected to go through extensive hair loss in coming years, a hair transplant may be better delayed for a while. It is quite likely that further transplants will be needed if a transplant takes place at this point of time.

Patient Age

Age is also another important factor. For people at a young age, a transplant is not the best option in most cases. Unless a person in his teens or 20’s has lost a very significant amount of hair, holding on to the surgery is a good idea since further hair loss is expected. The capacity of donor areas too can be preserved for future this way.

Hair Texture

The texture of hair can dictate the amount of grafts that are needed and can play a big role in deciding on the transplant surgery. Curly hair offer better coverage with fewer grafts. If the hair are too straight, greater number of grafts will be needed for the same coverage.

Donor Areas’ Capacity

The capacity of the donor areas is imperative. If there are not enough grafts available, there is no point in going for the surgery. The surgeon can best assess the grafts and if the desired results can be had.

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