Pros and cons of FUE hair transplant

Follicle unit extraction also termed as FUE hair transplant is state of art technology perfect for people who are looking to gain a full head of hair that looks natural. This method involves extracting follicular units from the donor’s area and transplanting them to recipient’s area.


The results of FUE hair transplant in Dubai are praised by many. It comes with a gazillion benefits. Some of the benefits include:


  1. No scar treatment

The best advantage of follicular unit extraction is that it is a scar less procedure. It leaves no visible scars whatsoever. Only minor scars are present at the time of surgery but they usually fade away.

  1. Donor area remains unaffected

The outlook of donor area remains same. There are no visible scars either and volume is also not reduced significantly.

  1. Natural look

Natural hairlines give you are more seamless look.

  1. No major wounds

This treatment does not cause any major wounds or cuts that require stitching and ages to heal.

  1. Minor pains

No extreme pain is experienced by the individual at the time of treatment. One can even drive home after the treatment. Minor pain is experienced though, which is cured by pain killers for a few days after treatment.

  1. Local anesthesia

Local anesthesia is used for the patient.

  1. Best for restorative surgery

If your previous hair transplant was absolutely a disaster, don’t worry, FUE hair transplant can is used for a hair restoration revision surgery and make you achieve the desired look.


Like any other procedure, FUE air transplant has some cons as well. They include:

  1. Cost factor

Cost plays a huge role in determining which transplant to go for. FUE hair transplant in Dubai costs more as compared to FUT hair transplant.

  1. May require multiple sessions

Follicle unit extraction hair transplant may or may not require multiple sessions depending upon the area that needs coverage. If you are just seeing some little bald patches, it will require one session but if you have a bald head, it will take up to 4 sessions.

  1. Extreme hair loss for initial month

You may experience extreme fall out, immediately after the surgery. It is the most common side effect that comes with having a hair transplant. It happens because your scalp is in shock mode. Not to worry though, your hair will grow back to it glory in about three months.

FUE hair transplant in Dubai provides hope to those who have lost all their confidence and charm due to hair fall. Now you can gain back your confidence as FUE hair transplant will help you achieve a fuller, thicker head of hair.

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