Preparing for Hair Replacement Surgery

The loss of hair is never a welcome event. Most people around the globe suffer from hair loss to some extent. There are a number of ways in which the hair loss can be slowed down or even stopped to a certain degree. However, once the hair fall has taken place, hair transplant surgery is the only real workable option for restoration.

The best part about hair transplant is that the new hair do not fall away once they have grown properly. People tend to emphasize on the importance of postoperative care and how to maintain the new locks. However, preparing for hair transplant surgery is equally important and has a very direct effect on the eventual results.  Some of the basic and more common steps are mentioned below.


The First Step

The first step in preparing for hair transplant surgery is to make up your mind and meet a doctor to understand your available options. This will put you on the path of getting your hair back that will add so much to your personality.

Vitamin C

When you have decided to go ahead, you will need to take a 1000mg of Vitamin C three times a day for two weeks before and after the surgery. Although it is several times more than the recommended daily dosage, it is very important for the healing process.

Stop Smoking

You will be required to stop smoking as well as use of other forms of nicotine a week before the surgery since their presence in the system can lower the chances of success of the hair transplant. If you drink, you’ll have to call it quits for the same period.


You will not be required to take any medications as a part of preparing for hair transplant surgery. However, you should continue taking whichever medications you are taking at the time. Do ask your doctor if they may affect the procedure. Generally blood thinning medications are stopped a couple of days before the surgery but only your doctor can tell you exactly if and when to do that.

Eating and Drinking

You will need to stop eating and drinking at midnight before the day the surgery takes place. Water too should not be consumed after this time. Generally the surgeries start early morning so the time period is not that awfully long.


If you use inhalers for asthma, it is best that you use it before the procedure and keep it handy during it. Ask your doctor for more details on the matter.

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