Making the Decision to Have Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair loss is a natural process which can bring about a massive change in one’s personality. It is a less than welcome event since it takes away much of the charms and leaves very few hairstyle options. For some, it not only takes the hair away but also plenty of confidence. There are a number of ways in which hair loss can be dealt with. Hair transplant surgery is certainly one of them. But is it something that you want to go ahead with or not? Understanding the pros and cons will help you in making the right call.


Do you need it?

If you have lost a considerable number of hair then getting a transplant is a good idea. Particularly if the hair loss is easily visible or there are large bald areas on the head.

Is now the right time?

If you are in your 20’s and have lost a few strands, hair transplant surgery will be too early for you. You may lose more hair and need further surgeries in future. However, if you have lost a considerable number of hair and the process is not progressing at the same pace, it would be a good time to get the surgery done.

What about other options?

There are a number of other options including hair restoration systems, Oral medications (Finasteride) and solutions for application on the scalp (Minoxidil). The hair restoration system are the modern day wigs and need to be consistently maintained and replaced after a few years. The medications bring good results in many cases but generally have to be used on a daily basis and have a number of side effects as well.  If you want to avoid the extreme maintenance or the side effects of the drugs, hair transplant it is for you.

Which option suits you?

There are a number of hair transplant procedures to choose from. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are the most commonly used options. See which one suits you better as they have subtle differences in the procedure, the recovery time and the cost. Are you mentally sa wella s financially ready for the procedure?

How much density?

You can have from a thin look to a dense look. It will depend on the number of grafts that you want. It will also affect the Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai to you. Your hair transplant surgeon can best guide you about the options you have in this regard. If the number of grafts is large, you may need more than a single procedure.

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