After sporting thinning hair for a couple of decades, Jason Alexander’s thatch suddenly started looking denser and thicker. It left his fans wondering whether the George Costanza of Seinfeld has undergone a surgical hair transplant in Dubai? Or has he started getting his hair back naturally in his 50s? The latter is more surprising as it is something that never happened before in the history of humankind.

Are you also curious to know the truth behind Alexander’s mysterious hair? Continue reading to unveil the secret!

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About Jason Alexander

Jay Scott Greenspan is commonly known by his stage name Jason Alexander. He is an American actor, comedian, director, and television host. Jason is best known for playing George Louis Costanza on Seinfeld. It was an American television sitcom series that ran successfully for almost 9 years, from 1989 to 1998. Moreover, Jason was nominated for 7 consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards for Seinfeld.

Jason Alexander was 30 years old when he started as Costanza on Seinfeld in 1989. At the time of starting this show, he was already bald. His character, Costanza, also repeatedly tried to find miracle cures for his baldness on the show. He made numerous attempts to regrow hair in a number of episodes on the show.

While Costanza was not successful in growing hair in his 30s, Jason is successfully sporting a thicker thatch in his 50s. We wonder, what could be the secret behind his growing locks?

The Seinfeld Star on Twitter

Jason Alexander, commonly known as Costanza, was one of the biggest bald icons in the ‘90s. However, the then 52-year-old star debuted his fuller head of hair on the 27th Annual C.S.A. Artios Awards in 2011.

While this improvement was remarkable, it left the fans in surprise. It popped eyes, dropped jaws, and raised eyebrows. As a result, a number of conspiracy theories started circulating on the internet and media.

Many George Costanza fans and critics were convinced that the American comedian underwent a hair transplant. Due to his fans’ unending curiosity, he took to Twitter to resolve the mystery of his regrown hair.

Jason Alexander told his fans on Twitter:

“I’m still bald, I just wear a toupee.”

So, Seinfeld star admitted to wearing a hairpiece publicly.  He further went on to elaborate his journey of a balding head.

The Bald Icon’s Battle with Baldness

On his Twitter @IJasonAlexander, he revealed that he started losing hair during his teenage – more specifically at the age of 17. However, instead of cursing it, he was grateful to Androgenic Alopecia. He revealed that his bald head helped him start his acting career with the character of an older man.

However, over time, the baldness started becoming a bit of a professional issue. Jason’s bald scalp started reflecting stage lights, thus becoming a distraction for not only him but also his audience. So, after discussing with his wife, Jason decided to put some hair back on his scalp.

Jason Alexander on The Late Late Show

The host of The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson, called Jason out on his vanity. In response, the Seinfeld star joked by saying:

“I do standup comedy, a show called ‘Jason Alexander — An Evening With Jason Alexander and His Hair.’ And so the hair has billing and an agent, and so I had to wear it on your show.”

Is it a toupee or a transplant?

Ever since Jason lost his hair, he has had them on the sides and the back of the head. However, the top or crown of his head was completely bald. But his hair loss had been progressive, and he lost hair to the point of looking “dorky.” Moreover, the professional hindrances were also pushing him to solve his bald scalp problems.

Jason had three options:

  • Do nothing and get bald eventually.
  • Shave the entire head.
  • Regrow hair on the scalp.

With his wife’s advice, he went for option three. However, he chose to get a non-surgical solution in the form of a hair system instead of a hair transplant. He was not sure about the results of a surgical hair transplant. Therefore, he decided to get a customized hairpiece.

Ultimately, Jason decided to wear a semi-permanent hairpiece. It is semi-permanent because he can take it off whenever he wants. However, he can easily shower, swim, and workout while wearing it.

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A Hairpiece or Hair Transplant: What’s better?

A hairpiece is a non-surgical solution that does not require any incision, punch, or sutures. However, this is the only benefit of a hairpiece, wig, or toupee over a surgical hair transplant in Dubai. Otherwise, a hairpiece is nothing more than a temporary solution. Since it’s not something growing out of the scalp, it will always remain a foreign body attached to the scalp. Moreover, it needs maintenance and replacements quite often. Apart from that, wigs and hairpieces can look extremely fake and unnatural.

On the other hand, a hair transplant does not require any maintenance. If performed correctly, the transplanted hair will continue to grow like the natural hair on the head. Since the transplanted hair is taken from baldness resistant areas – back of the head or temples – they never fall out.

The Bottom Line

A hair transplant is an effective and permanent solution for excessive hair loss, especially pattern baldness. It allows the patient to regain confidence by stimulating natural hair growth.

If you want to undergo a hair transplant in Dubai or learn more about this procedure, get in touch with us. You can schedule a FREE consultation session with one of our expert hair transplant surgeons. For this purpose, you need to fill the online form or give us a call. Moreover, you can visit us at our clinic to schedule an appointment. Our staff representatives will guide you further. So, what are you waiting for?

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