Is Hair Loss Accelerated By Hair Transplant

For a bald person, there are fewer things better in life than a hair transplant. It provides a person with confidence, good looks and the independence of choosing his favorite hairstyle. Every year, scores of people are getting hair transplants all around the world including the Gulf States.

The more modern techniques provide better results and this too has attracted the masses in recent times. However, a number of mis-perceptions about hair transplants and their aftermath are quite common. One of these misconceptions is that hair loss is speeded up by a hair transplant procedure. To ascertain the actual matter, this question warrants a deeper digging.


Common Perception

Many people are led to believe that hair transplants speed up the hair loss process. This is certainly incorrect and caused due to certain misinformation about the whole process which is commonplace. Such ideas are often propagated by people with bad hair transplant experiences. Transplanted hair are free from hair loss due to their resistance to Androgenic Alopecia, the main cause of hair loss around the globe. However, the existing hair may continue to shed naturally.

Right time for Hair Transplant

Some people get a hair transplant too early. If a person has had some thinning at the front, it may not be the right time to get a transplant. In younger people, it is particularly advised that hair loss is allowed to take place so that future transplant does not affect their look. It also allows the surgeon to assess the strength of the donor hair.

Shedding and Shock Loss

The new hair transplanted fall away after a couple of months of the procedure. This is known as shedding and is entirely natural. These hair are replaced by stronger hair which are permanent.

Shock loss is loss of healthy hair follicles due to the transplant. It is a major event for the scalp and shock loss is a reaction to it. The hair grows back after a while almost in all cases. Some may not grow back due to miniaturization of the follicles or due to transaction caused by the error of the surgeon.

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