Is A Hair Transplant The Right Option For You?

In the last couple of decades, the hair transplant techniques have dramatically improved. As a result, more and more people are now getting hair transplants to get rid of annoying lack of hair on the scalp. A similar situation can be observed in Dubai where lots of people are queuing up for the various transplant options.

Before a person undergoes the knife to restore hair, it is important to know if a person should be getting a transplant in the first place. There are certain factors to keep in mind before making the call. We shall look into these in the following lines.


Current Level of Hair Loss

The first matter to look into is the current level of hair loss. Generally the doctors recommend that a person should get a hair transplant only if the level of hair loss is at Class III or higher in the Norwood Scale. If the transplant is done too early, a person may need further surgeries to cater to future hair loss.

Expected Hair Loss in Immediate Future

This is another major factor to consider when ponder over a hair transplant surgery. If the hair loss is expected in future, it is best to allow further hair loss before a hair transplant procedure. This is due to the fact that further hair loss will make the transplant look bad and further transplants will eventually be needed.

Expected Results

Expected results also play a major role in deciding on getting a hair transplant. Clear communication with the surgeon is imperative to fully understand what kind of results will be had. There are certain cases in which satisfactory results may not be possible due to the extent of the hair loss and other options such as hair restoration systems may be the way to go.

Availability of Grafts

The availability of hair grafts is crucial for hair transplants. A person may be an ideal candidate for a hair transplant but may still be unable to undergo a surgery due to not enough grafts being available. The surgeon should be able to assess the situation in the donor areas and decide whether there is enough capacity to meet your needs.

Some experimentation in collection of grafts form other parts of the body is being done and success has been had. This may bring the problem of grafts availability to an end in near future.

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