Ideal Hair Density for the Hairline

Getting a hair transplant is the way to go for people with hair loss. It is, however, imperative that it is done in a manner that it looks great too. There are many aspects that need to be kept in mind when getting a hair transplant.

The hair density at the hairline is one of the more debated topics in the transplant industry. While some advocate very thick hairlines, others root for thinner ones. Both have some strong points and each can be useful depending on the individual case. We shall look into the phenomenon in detail to understand it better.


The Thick and Thin Hairline Option

The argument for people thick hairline is that it is the forefront of the scalp and a thick hairline gives a fuller look. Up to 75FU/CM2 may be used in this case. The option works quite well when the hair loss in the other parts of the head is not out of control.

Those in favor of thinner hairlines are of the opinion that thinner hairlines look natural and do not take away too many grafts which can be used for the other parts of the scalp or for future transplants. Thinner hairlines generally require about 45 FU/CM2.

Important Factors to Consider

Whichever option you choose depends greatly on you, the surgeon and the following factors. One should always make the final call keeping them in mind.

Age of Transplant Patient

For an aged patient, having a thinner hairline is good since it will give a natural look. Younger hair transplant candidates may opt for a thicker hairline which should suit them more often than not.

Extent of Current Hair loss

The extent of total hair loss is also an important factor. In case of extensive hair loss, thinner hairline is a good option so that more grafts are available for other areas. A thinned look in such a situation will look a lot more natural than a thick hairline and little hair elsewhere.

Facial Structure

The hairline should also be drawn considering the facial structure of the person getting the hair transplant for hairline. The surgeon can show the patient the options at hand with his or her facial structure and the hairline and its density can be decided accordingly.

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