How to Choose Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai, UAE?

Choosing the best hair transplant clinic is the key to restoring the most natural looking hairline. If you are also planning to undergo surgical hair restoration, choose the best hair transplant clinic in the town, even if you have to pay a little more. Today there are thousands of hair transplant clinics operating around the world. Every city has dozens of hair restoration facilities, and choosing the best out of them seems to be a tricky task. But don’t worry! We are here to help you in your search for the best hair restoration facility. Simple tips shared below will make this apparently hectic task a piece of cake for you.


Do Your Research:

Start your search with a comprehensive research. Nowadays, almost every clinic has its own website. So, start your search from the internet. Google all the renowned hair restoration facilities in the city. Visit their official websites to find out the services they offer. Read client reviews to have a better understanding of the quality if their services.

Hair Transplant clinics also advertise themselves in weekly magazines. So that is also an option. But the most trusted information and opinion comes from the friends and family. Ask people in your circle to refer you some good hair transplant clinic in the town/country.

Schedule Appointments:

Once you have prepared a brief list of leading hair transplant clinics in the town, start scheduling appointments with them. Visit them and talk to the staff as well as the doctors there to figure out if they are really offering the services and quality that they claim. Don’t forget to bring with you a list of questions to ask from the clinic staff as well as the doctor.

Is Hair Transplantation Their Primary Focus?

Most of the cosmetic surgery clinics nowadays are offering hair transplant surgery as a sideline, along with other cosmetic procedure. Some beauty salons are also offering hair transplant surgeries these days. But you should not fall prey to any scam. Make sure it is a registered clinic and hair transplantation is its primary focus. For best results it is important that you get the surgery done by the surgeon and the support staff who perform hair transplantation on regular basis.

Do Their Physicians Have A Holistic Approach To Hair Transplantation?

Meet the doctors and find out if they have holistic approach to hair transplantation. An ideal surgeon is the one who should help you evaluate all your hair restoration options, both surgical and non-surgical. If a surgeon fails to explain your options in an impressive and convincing way, continue with your search.

Is The Clinic Patient Focused?

Go for a hair transplant clinic that is patient focused and not commercially focused. Most of the second rate clinics focus primarily on revenue, speed and volume rather than focusing on the time and care needed to produce best results. Such clinics rely heavily on advertising and not on doctor and patient referrals.

Before And After Pictures:

Also ask your prospective clinic to show you “Before and After” pictures of the patients they have treated recently. Before and after pictures give a fair idea of the results.

Ask For Referrals:

Ask the clinic to provide you with referrals of at least 3 to 5 satisfied patients whom you could meet in person. Meet the individuals and ask them to share their personal experience with the clinic and if they are satisfied with the services offered and the outcome of the surgery.

Read Online Reviews:

There are plenty of websites where individuals share their personal experiences of hair transplant surgeries. Find the one citing reviews of the clinics in your city and check out what individuals are saying about your prospective clinic.


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