How Many Hair Grafts Can Be Harvested With A Surgery

One of the most frequently asked questions about hair transplant surgery is, “how many grafts will be needed to achieve desired results”. Answer is simple; there is no fixed formula to calculate number of grafts required to cover your bald thatch. Number of grafts required varies significantly from person to person, depending upon the extent of hair loss and the desired hair density. Another question that surgeons are often asked during post-procedural consultations is, “how many grafts can you harvest with surgery?” This again varies from person to person depending upon severity of baldness, donor hair supply, skin laxity and the graft extraction technique.


Donor Hair Supply and Scalp Laxity:

The number of grafts extracted depends primarily on donor hair supply and scalp laxity. If you have abundant healthy hair available at the donor site, and your scalp skin is fairly elastic, your surgeon will not hesitate to harvest as many grafts as required. However, with limited donor hair supply or tight scalp, don’t expect to get a 3000-graft transplant.

Hair Transplant Technique Used:

Extraction of donor grafts also depends on the hair transplant technique used. Each method allows extraction of different number of grafts.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) allows minimum graft extraction, 1500 to 2000 grafts.
  • The traditional Strip Method Transplant, Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) allows up to 3000 grafts
  • Latest Stem Cell FUE technique allows maximum graft extraction – 3500 to 4000 grafts

Physical Examination Is A Must:

If you are really interested in knowing maximum number of grafts that can be harvested in a single session, better schedule a consultation with your surgeon and let him examine your scalp physically. Doctor will examine your existing hair density and scalp elasticity and only then he will be able to decide number of grafts he can harvest. Every person is different and, as stated above, with each hair transplant method, maximum number of harvested grafts changes.

Free Consultation:

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