Haircuts and Styling after a Hair Transplant

Getting a hair transplant can prove to be a life changing experience for many who suffer from the ill effects of Androgenic Alopecia. It is the only solution for hair loss that is permanent in nature. People vying the option of getting a hair transplant have all kinds of queries. While some of them relate to the fear of surgery, others are related with the after effects of getting a hair transplant.

Questions about haircuts and styling are very common. Most people fret over the possibility of scars from the surgery showing all the time. Others are unsure if their hair will be styled to their liking or not. We shall look into styling and haircuts after a transplant in the following lines.


Postoperative CarePostoperative Care

For the first few days of the surgery, the focus should remain on the recovery process. Ensure that you take all the medications given to you by the doctor and exercise all precautions as well. Let your wounds heal before you start styling your hair.

Consult Your DoctorConsult Your Doctor

Check with your doctor regarding when you should be getting a haircut and when will it be okay to start using styling products. Your doctor can best guide you keeping your particular needs in view.


Generally haircuts can be resumed three weeks after the procedure has taken place. At this point, you will be getting the existing hair cut since the grafts are a long way from being normal length.

Styling ProductsUse of Styling Products

The styling products are mostly chemical based and therefore should be avoided for at least three weeks after the transplant. One cannot predict how the follicles will react to them so it is best to exercise caution.

 Using a Hair DryerUsing a Hair Dryer

The use of hair dryer should be avoided for the first month of the procedure. Let the air dry your hair so that there is no heat damage to the newly transplanted follicles. Once you start, ensure that you keep the heat low.

Styling in FutureStyling in Future

After a while, you can start styling your hair normally. The transplanted hair should grow completely in about 12 months. You can have any hairstyle in most cases. Keeping very short hair may show the scars especially in case of strip method transplant. Using of gels and other styling products will also not be a problem.

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