Hair Transplants: 10 Facts to Know!

By getting back the lost scalp hair, you can look younger and much better. We have been performing hair transplant in Dubai for a long time. We’ve interesting facts for you. Learn how advanced FUE hair transplant can change your life. This blog post discusses how a hair transplant works followed by some discussion about the 10 facts everyone needs to know about this procedure.

If you have baldness problem or bald spots in your scalp, this topic is for you.

Does Hair Transplant Really Work?

The one-word answer is; yes. The hair restoration professionals have been performing hair transplants for decades. It was not used to be a perfect solution in the past but something has changed in the recent few years. Some innovative hair transplant techniques have made it a good option to regrow hair in bald spots. Let’s discuss the top ten interesting points about hair transplant in Dubai.



10 Important Facts About Hair Transplant

Here are the top 10 important things to know about FUE hair transplant:

  1. Results: This way of growing hair has a high success rate because it works for most people.
  2. Donor Area: One part of the body or scalp donates hair so that it could be grown in another area.
  3. Hair Per Session: One hair transplant session is enough to implant a large number of hair grafts.
  4. Supply Limitations: This is a surgical procedure that ensures permanent hair regrowth.
  5. Older Patients: Though young people also get the desired result, the success rate is even better among the older patients.
  6. Time for Results: It takes time to start seeing the final results of the procedure.
  7. Donor Supply: Despite much innovation in this area, the surgeons still rely on donor hair from the same person or someone else.
  8. Hair Density: The number of hair that starts growing at a bald spot depends on the number of hair transplanted.
  9. Scalp Incisions: The hair restoration surgeon will make tiny incisions to transplant hair. In some cases, the professional may cut a small portion of the scalp that could not get new hair.
  10. Laser Hair Transplant: Some people think that laser hair transplant is a new technique. In fact, it is more than a decade old type of hair transplant.

Ready for the Scalp Revamp?

So if you have made your mind to do something for your bald areas, start from our advanced FUE hair transplant. This latest technique allows you to experience the latest hair transplant in Dubai. If you are ready to reclaim the lost glory of your scalp, we are here to guide you further.

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