Hair Transplant Surgeons to Avoid

Hair loss can cause a person’s confidence to nose dive very quickly. Most people cannot completely come to terms with this permanent change in their personality. It is something that generally does have a negative impact on the appearance. Many people opt for hair transplants to get rid of the problem once and for all. Usually the results appear in a year’s time and hair restoration is fully done. However, these results can be at times completely different form the expectations.


A good hair transplant surgeon is critical for good results. If the surgeon makes mistakes, you may suffer. Here is how to know if the hair transplant surgeon you are opting for is right for you or not.

Non-Certified Surgeons

The first thing to look into is that the surgeon is certified to perform the surgery. There are many doctors who are not certified yet continue to perform hair transplant surgeries. It is best that such surgeons should not be considered.

Too Many Promises

Hair transplants are designed to give a decent number of hair on the scalp but they simply cannot offer the hair from the youth back unless there is very little hair loss. This is because of not enough grafts are available in the donor areas. So if the surgeon tells you that you will look the same as you were at 16 with a few thousand grafts on a half bald head, it’s time to get a new surgeon.

Unclear Communication

Some surgeons are not clear in communication. They do not clarify matter and do not answer questions properly. Avoiding such surgeons is generally the best option since you do not want someone to willingly mislead you. You will probably discover a lot more about hair transplants by going through the process instead of knowing it beforehand.


In this day and age of internet, everyone can express their opinion. Look for reviews online about the surgeon you are considering. If the reviews are constantly negative, there is probably a good reason for that. Avoid such a surgeon as you do not want to be another one writing another one of those negative reviews.

Poor Facility

The quality of the facility you are getting the transplant in is also very critical. The clinic must have extreme cleanliness and state of the art equipment. If the facility is outdated or poorly maintained in general, it is a good idea to skip this particular option.

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