As per hair restoration surgeons, a hair transplant can grow hair at thin and bald spots of the scalp. People have misinformation about hair transplant and you should read these points if you want to undergo hair transplant treatment in Dubai. This blog post discusses 10 important facts that must be considered before undergoing a hair transplant.

If you want to take this procedure, this topic is for you.

Hair Transplant or Not Dilemma

Around the world, people suffer from hair loss due to various reasons including but not limited to stress and lack of care. The non-surgical and topical treatments for hair regrowth can work up to a particular stage of hair thinning. After that time, only hair transplant option remains to get back the lost hair.

10 Must-Read Facts before Hair Transplant

There are a number of things to know before taking hair transplant treatment in Dubai but the following list shows the notable ones:

  1. Surgery Cost: The surgery cost is not fixed for all treatment candidates; it depends on requirements and other factors.
  2. Quality of Facility: You must check the reputation of the facility you choose for hair transplant. For a better service, you may have to pay extra.
  3. Surgical Procedure: It is a surgical technique where follicular units will be extracted from one place and implanted to another.
  4. Making Your Mind: Before you make your mind for this procedure, make sure it is the right option for you.
  5. Pre-Op Preparation: The person who wants to have this treatment has to prepare as per the instructions of the hair restoration surgeon.
  6. Prescribed Medications: You may get benefited from hair loss medications and non-surgical treatments for hair loss.
  7. Hair Type and Ethnicity:
  8. Expertise of Professional: It is important to check how qualified and experienced your doctor is. A better option may come with a high fee.
  9. Health Risks & Complications: When performed properly, there is no risk of complications and health risks. The side effects are temporary.
  10. Online Tips vs. Professional Help: Some people or websites share tips online but consulting a professional is better.

Get Back Your Lost Hair!

You have read the most important facts to be considered before undergoing hair transplant treatment in Dubai. Bear these facts in mind if you want to have it. If you need to know more about it, one of our experts would love to talk to you. You can book an exclusive consultation session with one of our specialists just by calling us or filling our online form.

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