Getting Ready for Hair Replacement Surgery

If you are planning on getting a hair transplant surgery for your bald head, it is important to know all aspects of your procedure. This includes the routine you must follow in the days leading up to the surgery. The process is not cumbersome but it holds a fair importance since getting ready for hair transplant surgery is imperative for its success.

The fact that you will be soon having a head full of hair makes the whole process worth it. So follow the right steps in the days before the transplant.


Talk to a Doctor

The process of preparation starts with seeing your doctor who will enlighten you on the whole process and will explain what precautions are to be taken. Be sure to ask any question that comes across your mind. It is important that you feel comfortable prior to undergoing the knife.

Consume Vitamin C

Taking 1000mg of Vitamin C thrice a day is required as it is helpful for healing of wounds due to surgery. This must continue for a couple of weeks prior to the surgery as well as afterwards. Even though the dosage is much higher than the regular Vitamin C recommended per day, following this dosage is important.

Should You Take Your Medications?

If you are taking any medications, in most cases you will not be required stop it before the surgery. Some medications such as blood thinners may have to be stopped prior to the procedure. Your doctor can give you a definitive verdict on that. If you suffer from any breathing conditions, discuss this with the doctor as well.

Habits to Quit

For getting ready for hair transplant surgery, use of nicotine and alcohol are a big no no. Both should be abstained from for at least a week before the procedure since their use can adversely affect the chances of success of the transplant. It is a small price to pay for getting a great result.

Consumption of Food

Abstain from consuming food and liquids of all kinds including water from midnight before the surgery unless otherwise advised by your surgeon. An early appointment for the procedure will keep the hunger factor to a minimum.

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