Hair loss can take place as early as in teens. Some teenagers lose most of their hair at a very early age and by the time they get to 18, they are considering getting a hair transplant done. It is generally not the best of ideas to get one this young for various reasons but if the situation calls for it, one can go ahead. An 18-year-old medically is fit enough to undergo such a procedure. There are a number of aspects that should be done before making the call so that the right decision is made.


Current Hair Loss

The level of current hair loss is crucial in making this decision. If a person has extensive hair loss and half the scalp or more is bare, hair transplant feels like a logical option. However, if the hair loss is not extensive and can be managed or ignored for the time being, it is a good idea to do so. A doctor can ascertain the level of hair loss as per the Norwood scale and advise better on the matter.

Expected Hair Loss

The expected hair loss in the time to come should never be ignored. It is entirely possible that the teenager may have further hair loss in near future. It can leave the transplant looking inadequate and may badly affect the personality due to the strange pattern the hair will take. If the expected hair loss is extensive, an immediate hair transplant should be thought over twice.

Need of Future Surgeries

For an 18-year-old, the hair loss may continue and there may be a need for hair transplant surgeries in future as well. If these surgeries may be needed in near future, it is better to wait for more hair to shed to avoid multiple procedures.

Importance of Planning

There are a number of factors to be considered. The hairline needs to appear natural, what kind of thickness is right, grafts for possible future transplants need to be preserved for if and when this transplant may be needed. The surgeon must take into account all these matters of extreme important before deciding to go ahead with the hair transplant surgery or to defer it for a while. It will certainly have long term effects on the person undergoing the procedure.

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