Getting a New Hair Transplant after a Bad One

Hair transplants are the only solution that is permanent when it comes to treating male pattern baldness. After going through the surgery and various phases after it, the new hair grow completely in one year’s time. Sometimes, however, the hair transplant surgeries do not go as per the original plan and the results are terrible.

In order to fix the bad results, it is ideal to have another hair transplant surgery. A person can undergo several hair transplant surgeries without any problem. It does take greater effort for such a transplant to be successful and it is important that someone with experience should perform such a procedure. We shall look into the details of how this works.


What causes a bad hair transplant?

There are a number of reasons that can be behind a bad hair transplant. It can be caused due to carelessness by the surgeon during the various stages of the surgery in shape of wrong hair direction, grafts being too large, the hairline being too far ahead and wastage of too many grafts during the procedure among others. Trying to cover too much area with too little grafts can also lead to bad results.

Fixing A Bad Hair Transplant:

Here is what you need to do in order to fix a bad hair transplant.

Finding the Right Doctor

The first step that needs to be performed is finding the right surgeon for the hair transplant surgery. Look online and read reviews for surgeons in your area who can fix a bad hair transplant. Consult with doctors you feel can do the job well to make up your mind. Ensure that the surgeon you are getting the new hair transplant from has a good reputation and loads of experience.

Assessing Requirements

The surgeon will assess the damage and how to fix it. This is extremely important as the hair transplant’s success will greatly depend on it. Getting the right planning is paramount.


The last stage of the process is the transplant itself. A good execution of the planning should be all that you need to get rid of the poor results from the earlier procedure. Within a few months you should have a scalp full of hair that adds much to your personality.

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