Getting A Beard Hair Transplant In Dubai

When it comes to beards, men want them to be thick. It is a sign of masculinity and they like to flaunt their beards. Men that have sparse hair on their face may face some cruel jibes taken at them for this very reason. It is a direct attack on the pride of a man and it is never taken lightly.

Thankfully, there are now hair transplant options for the beard as well. One can get a transplant to effectively putting all the chatter and jokes regarding one’s personality to an end. For men in Dubai, getting a beard hair transplant is a lot easier due to the availability of the right technology and expertise.


What causes it?

Generally men have beards that are thick naturally. However, there are certain regions where the beards are light and spread out, without having the thickness. Factors such as genetic predisposition certainly play a big part in many cases. Others may suffer from the condition simply because of a natural variation. Whatever the reason, it can make a person the butt of the jokes especially when people around have thick brushy facial hair.

Can a beard transplant really be done?

Absolutely. People all over the world are getting beard transplants. Dubai too is experiencing an unusual rise in the number of transplants that are being done to enhance beards.

Should I opt for it?

If you have a condition that is not being treated well by medications, the transplant may be an ideal option for you. Your doctor can tell best. Mostly people with severe skin conditions and genetic issues are ideal candidates. Your doctor can advise you best on the matter.

Transplant Method

The transplant method that is used is known as the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Hair for transplant are taken from the back and side of the head by punching them out. They are then grafted into specially made incisions that are less than 1mm in length.

Certain precautions are to be taken after the surgery which the surgeon will enlighten you about. Generally a person is able to start shaving after ten days of the transplant. You will soon have a much thicker brush and the patchiness will no longer be an issue.

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