HST (hair stem cell transplant) and FUE hair transplant in Dubai are state of art techniques when it comes to hair transplantation. The ongoing debate of which technique is better than other is often witnessed. Let’s have a look at both of these transplantation techniques:

HST hair transplant

In HST hair transplant, the entire hair follicle is not removed and several stem cells are still in the donor area. The added benefit of this is that it stimulates hair growth in the donor area as well. As only a tiny portion of the follicle is removed and the rest is left behind, the remaining stem cells generate new hair. The transplanted and remaining hair grows in a same manner to their full potential in a matter of nine to twelve months.



Highlights of stem cell hair transplant are

  • No scarring
  • A painless procedure
  • Multiple transplants from the same donor area

How does HST work?

Multiple studies show that hair can be reproduced using a part of a stem cells in hair follicles instead of the all the stem cells present in the follicle. The method utilizes specially developed medium in combination with natural stem cells to ensure viability of grafts and growth of new hair. It does not permanently reduce the hair density in donor area.

FUE hair transplant

FUE hair transplant in Dubai is the most commonly used modern technique for hair transplantation. This technique involves extracting the hair grafts individually from the donor area implanting them in the recipient’s area one by one. There is no room for hair growth in the donor’s area, once the grafts are extracted and it results in decreased hair density in the donor’s area.


Highlights of FUE hair transplant includes:

  • Slight scarring
  • Painless procedure
  • Decreased hair density in the donor’s area

How does FUE work?

FUE hair transplant extracts the entire hair follicle without leaving any stem cells behind for hair regrowth. Although it’s the most practiced technique in hair transplant industry, it does not leave any room for hair regrowth in the donor area.


HST hair transplant provides a room for hair regrowth in the donor area while FUE hair transplant doesn’t. FUE hair transplant in Dubai is practiced by many expert surgeons while HST is a new technique and there are not many experts who have special skill set for performing HST. Both of these techniques are awesome for anybody suffering from baldness. Choosing one technique over another is usually a matter of personal choice.

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