Hair restoration surgeons use different methods to grow hair at thin and bald areas of the scalp. One of the options is hair transplant surgery. With the advent of the FUE technique, hair transplant has become simpler and more effective. People take it to get promising results. What FUE is and how it works? This blog post discusses why FUE hair transplant in Abu Dhabi & Dubai is the best option for hair restoration.

If you have thin or bald spots in your scalp, this topic is for you.

FUE is a Better Hair Restoration

There are different hair transplant techniques such as FUT (follicular unit transplantation) and FUE (follicular unit extraction), Stem Cell, etc. These techniques follow a different path to grow hair and that is why the procedure and results are different for different methods for hair restoration.

FUE is better than FUT due to many reasons including but not limited to being simpler, safer, and more effective. It is also true that FUE costs a bit more than that of FUT. But we cannot overlook the great benefits of this technique due to a slight extra cost.

FUE is Less Hectic and Damaging

The side effects and risk of complications for different hair transplant techniques are different. In the case of FUE hair transplant in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, the treatment site does not suffer from much damage. Which means fewer changes in complications and fewer side effects. Due to this reason, the recovery time is comparatively short.

FUE is a Safe and Effective Option

Safety and effectiveness are at the heart of the follicular unit extraction technique. As compared to strip or FUT hair transplant, it involves fewer and small incisions at the treatment site. Here, only tiny incisions are required which means fewer side effects. Fewer side effects mean the least chances of risks.

On the other hand, it is better than FUT hair transplant when it comes to growing hair on the scalp. That is why the success rate for this procedure is quite high.

Making FUE a Safe and Effective Option

FUE is an advanced method for hair restoration that is safer than other options and delivers better results than other alternatives. But it is also necessary to choose a reputed hair restoration expert. It comes as no surprise that the hair transplant surgeon plays a key role in making this treatment a success story.

No matter where you want to have it, make sure you reach the right professional. To be on the safer side, take some time to ask for recommendations and check the level of expertise of your surgeon. If you have thin or bald areas on your scalp, you should go for FUE hair transplant.

Ready for FUE Hair Transplant?

In conclusion, FUE hair transplant in Abu Dhabi & Dubai can be a good option for the people who experience similar problems. You can learn more about it by getting in touch with one of our experts. So call us or fill our online form now to book your appointment with a specialist.

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