The loss of hair makes people consider safe and effective treatments such as hair transplant but the cost is a major concern. The average cost of FUE in Dubai is around but we have a special offer for you. FUE is indeed the latest way to restore hair growth naturally. How much does it cost? Interested in its pricing? Here is FUE hair transplant cost in Dubai. This blog post discusses the way FUE hair transplant cost is calculated in Dubai.

If you want to grow hair on thin and bald areas, this topic guides you about the pricing.

FUE Hair Transplant Cost

As a matter of fact, the final price for each treatment candidate can be different. Why is there no fixed cost for hair transplant? This is a common question we come across all the time.

Actually, each treatment aspirant has a different level of hair fall and treatment is customized to deliver suitable results. Moreover, the required number of hair grafts varies from person to person.

If a person needs 500 hair grafts, she or he will pay less than that of a person who needs 1000 hair grafts. The following factors define how much you have to pay for this treatment:

  • The quality and geographic location of the treatment provider
  • The qualification, experience, and reputation of the professional
  • The number of hairs required to be transplanted
  • Anesthesia, medical tests, and other charges

Insurance & Treatment Loan

You might have a health insurance plan and if you have it, you might be wondering if your insurance provider would cover your hair restoration or not. Please note most of the insurance companies do not cover cosmetic treatments such as a hair transplant.

Check your insurance plan and let us know if you and your insurance company are not able to pay for it. Our treatment financing option is available for people like you. By availing this facility, you will be able to pay back in easy monthly installment. Please note the price will be the same; there will be no mark-up/interest.

How Much Do We Charge?

We do not charge a fixed price from hair restoration candidates. In fact, we charge according to your needs (per graft pricing). Please feel free to contact us now if you need to know our FUE hair transplant cost in Dubai.

Get Back Your Lost Hair!

In short, hair transplant is the right way to restore hair growth on thin and bald areas of the scalp. If you have thin and bald spots, you can know our FUE hair transplant cost in Dubai by visiting us.

You might need more information about it if you are interested in this procedure. A consultation session with our specialist will help you learn more. Please feel free to call us or fill our online form to book an appointment.

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