FUE or follicular unit extraction is a modern method used for the extraction of donor hair follicles. In this new method, the surgeon makes a careful choice which hair follicles to extract and then take them out using a small punch tool, with diameter less than 0.1 mm. Before the introduction of FUE, strip harvesting or FUT was the only procedure for donor hair removal and it is still the most commonly used method for surgical hair restoration, courtesy its low, affordable cost. Most of the patients are an equally good candidate for FUE and FUT hair transplant and they have to make a choice between the two. Here is a brief comparison of these techniques so you can have a better idea of what differentiates the two.



FUE and FUT are used alternatively. Both the methods offer specific benefits. Let’s see when FUE is more suitable for the patient and when FUT is a better choice.

  • FUE is used when the patient wants a minimally invasive surgery because FUT needs excision of a linear strip and is not a minimally invasive method.
  • FUE is used when the patient does not want stitches or a longer recovery period from the surgery.
  • If the patient wants to grow hair on a scar or a mark then FUE is the only answer.
  • FUE gives numerous pinhole scars which are spread on the scalp. These are easy to hide even with trimmed hair. So, it is a method suitable for men who wear their hair short.
  • FUE provides the surgeon a chance to extract only selective hair follicles. FUT does not provide such a chance.
  • FUT is a preferred choice if the patient wants to have a low cost surgery. FUE takes much effort from the surgeon and so, its cost is higher that strip harvesting.

Affordable FUE hair transplant in Dubai

Dubai offers low cost FUE hair transplant procedure. Some hair loss patients travel all the way from Europe to benefit from cheap FUE transplant in Dubai. But, the low cost does not mean that the clinics here offer low quality. Stay assured the quality is never compromised. In fact, there are many board certified, internationally recognized hair transplant surgeons performing FUE Hair Transplant at affordable cost in Dubai.

You can have your affordable hair transplant through discounts. Some hair restoration surgeons offer low prices on special occasions like Eid, Christmas and New Year. Some also offer discount on big hair transplants; when an increased number of hair are transplanted. Availing such an offer will save a good portion of your money.

Hair transplant is an excellent treatment for hair loss patients. It gives permanent hair with a onetime surgery. You do not need any follow-up or touch-up treatment to maintain its results. FUE is advancement in the surgery that has worked great to make hair transplant even more popular. You must find an excellent surgeon for your hair transplant because good surgeons are able to offer good results. Get a hair transplant done today and restore a youthful appearance!


Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic offers FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai at highly competitive cost. To know the estimated cost of your surgery and get your other queries answered, book a FREE CONSULTATION now with our experts.

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