Foods to prevent bad hair days and hair fall

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If you are dealing with dry, damaged and dull hair, you need to keep an eye on what you are putting on your plate. Otherwise, you will end up in hair clinics exploring different options like PRP-ACell treatment for hair loss or hair transplants. There is a very strong bond between the nutrient quotient of your food and the quality of hair strands. Following is a list of foods that can bring a health revolution for your hair and prevent future expenditure of PRP-ACell treatment for hair loss or hair transplant treatments.

If you are suffering from dull hair, salmon is your best friend

When your body is low on healthy fats, your mane starts to lose its luster and shine. Salmons are not only a rich source of protein but also omega 3 fatty acids. 3 to 5 potions of salmon in a week will make your healthy fat levels go up and make your hair super shiny and healthy looking.


Pumpkin seeds are way to go for flaky scalp

Zinc is essential for the overall health of your hair and prevents flakiness.  Eating a handful of pumpkin seeds will ensure that zinc requirements of your body are met.  Foods like fortified cereals like pork, yogurt and cashews are also amazing if you want to boost the zinc supply to your hair.

If you are suffering from thinning hair, eat more chicken

Taking enough protein reduces hair fall. If you are a fan of chicken, then incorporating a potion of chicken daily in your diet is a no brainer for you. Eat it steamed, roasted or grilled, whichever way you prefer. If you are a vegetarian, you can go or other high protein options like chickpeas and quinoa.

Strawberries can help with breakage

Vitamin C has no direct connection with your hair but your body requires vitamin C to create protein. Strawberries are rich source of vitamin C. They don’t only taste yummy but are also amazing for your skin and hair. One cup of strawberries will fulfill your daily requirement and will make your hair strong and unbreakable.

If pigment of your hair is fading, eat shitake mushrooms

Shitake mushrooms are loaded with copper which is essential for hair to restore its natural pigment. 1.5 mg of copper a day is enough. Just cook half a cup of shitake mushrooms and through them in your salad or eat with brown rice. Your hair will be able to store its natural color. Sea weed is also a great source of copper.

Almonds are great for preventing inflammation

Almonds are a rich source of vitamin E. it is great for anti aging. It also helps in absorption of energy from UV light. It helps to protect skin cells and repairs damaged cells. Recommended intake of vitamin E is 15mg. A handful of sunflower seeds pack almost the same amount.

These foods are definitely helpful for prevention of hair loss but once you have started to experience hair loss, PRP-ACell treatment for hair loss is the perfect cure for treating hair loss.

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