Doing Weight Training After a Hair Transplant

Losing hair is pretty widespread the world over and very few lucky people are not affected by this natural phenomenon. It adversely affects the appearance in most people and rarely anyone looks better after going through hair loss. The best way to deal with hair loss is a hair transplant. Even though it is a surgery and the hair growth afterwards takes a good bit of time, it is still worth the effort. The alternatives aren’t as good or nearly as effective.

Doing workouts is great for a person’s overall health. They help in keeping the body in a good shape and aid in maintaining a healthy weight as well. Most people doing workouts follow their regimens religiously and without fail. For someone getting a hair transplant, the workout routine temporarily has to halt after the procedure. It is not for a long time but it has to be done so that the stress of the workout does not damage the grafts.


Type of Surgery

The type of surgery plays an important part on how quickly workouts start. In an FUE transplant, the recovery is far quicker in comparison with the strip method. Strip method is much more invasive of the two and thus greater time for recovery is needed. Ideally light workouts should be resumed in about a week’s time. Hard workouts should not be started for at least a couple of weeks in any case. Some doctors suggest that a person should wait for a month before hard workouts.

Type of Workout

There are different types of workouts that a person may be doing. In case of normal exercise and weight training, the resumption of full intensity may be in two to three weeks’ time from the transplant. For water sports or touch sports, it is recommended that the person waits longer. It is important to avoid exercises that stretch the back of the scalp.

Doctor’s Advice

Your doctor is the best person to advice you on the matter of exercising. Let your doctor know about your workout routine. Considering how you heal from the surgery and keeping all other factors in mind, the doctor can best advise you on the matter.

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