Do I Have To Go Bald If I Go For Hair Transplant?

For most people, hair loss causes a dent in the overall personality. It is not just the appearance but also the confidence that suffers with thinning of hair. One can try as number of things in order to counter it but most remedies are only able to slow down the process but cannot stop it altogether. Hair transplants are the only real option in such a situation since the hair that grow as a result are permanent and do not suffer any further loss. These procedures are on the rise around the globe including in the UAE.

There are some common questions that most people seeking a hair transplant tend to ask. One of the most repeated questions is whether or not a person needs to shave his head before a hair transplant procedure. We shall look into the matter in detail in the following lines.


So is shaving the head a must?

In the more traditional methods people had to shave their entire scalp in order to get a hair transplant and the fact that a person underwent the knife would be quite obvious. However, with the more modern techniques such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), there is no need to shave your entire head. Only the donor sites (sites from where follicles are extracted for transplant), the back and the sides of the head need to be shaved. The recipient sites (where the follicles are grafted) are left untouched.

Should you shave it yourself?

It is best that the hair of normal length are left until the day of the surgery. Let the staff at the clinic cut the hair as per their own requirements. This will help you in avoiding any issues on the big day due to incorrect cutting or shaving of hair.

Would it look odd?

Hair shaved on the back of the head can actually look a bit odd. However, if you have hair with decent length, it is generally possible to camouflage the shaven area since it is not very large. You can return to work without anyone noticing a substantial change. The transplanted follicles should shed away in the next few days and should start to regrow in about three months’ time. Generally the transplanted hair should reach full length in a year or less.

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