Do Hair Transplants Speed Up Hair Loss?

People looking to get hair transplants have all kinds of questions. While some of them are related to the transplant procedure, others are about the results and what to expect afterwards. Some people have apprehensions about hair transplants and often remain unsure whether it is a good option for them or not.

One of the common questions is that whether hair transplant surgery accelerates the process of hair loss or not. We will have a deeper look in the whole affair.


The Myth

People generally tend to think that hair loss is accelerated due to a transplant procedure. While some people defend this opinion and often voice their opposition for transplants, this is far from the fact. This idea is based on a misconception and a lack of understanding of the process.


In reality, the hair loss is not accelerated by a transplant surgery. The hair loss after a transplant surgery can be caused by shedding, shock loss and natural hair loss process. Even though the transplanted hair do not fall away once they have fully grown, it does not stop the normal hair loss in the person.


The transplanted hair at the recipient site shed away within a couple of months of the transplant. This is because they go dormant and new hair take their place after a few months. Some people worry about this but it is entirely natural and should not be considered a failure of transplant or an accelerated hair loss.

Shock Loss

A hair transplant is a major event for the scalp and a trauma of sorts. Some of the healthy follicles are temporarily lost due to the transplant which grow back after a while in most cases. The shock loss takes place both at the donor and recipient site and may be translated into hair loss.

Timing of Hair Transplant

Getting the hair transplant at the right time is very important. If a person gets it done too early, the natural hair loss process may make it look bad since newer bald areas will appear with time. It may be looked at as an increased hair loss, but it is nothing more than the usual speed. Generally hair transplants should not be done before the age of 25 or until substantial hair loss has taken place to counter this issue.

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