Debunking Hair Transplant Myths and Misconceptions

Every topic under the sun has its own share of facts and myths. This also includes hair transplant, which some people out there still associate with ‘plugs’. Fortunately, this is not the case, and in today’s day and age, a lot has improved since hair transplant was invented in the 50s.

In 2014, a time when we have technologies like Stem Cell FUE hair transplant and clinics that offer the best forms of hair transplant in the Gulf region, it is unthinkable to stand by and watch while myths about hair transplantation are being peddled around.


In this post, we will be debunking any myths that are associated and misleading about hair transplantation, regardless the procedure used.

Myth: For you to undergo a hair transplant procedure, you need a donor

Fact: This is an absolutely misleading myth. The fact of the matter is that you, the one having the hair transplant in Dubai, will be your own donor. It is very difficult to find a donor for your hair, not unless you and the donor are identical twins with absolutely the same DNA.

Myth: Hair starts growing immediately after a hair transplant procedure

Fact: If you intend on having hair transplantation, it is advisable to have patience, and lots of it. The newly implanted hair grafts/follicles can take up to 12 months to fully grow, which means it will be sometime before you see a full head of hair again. If patience is not your virtue you might think the hair transplant surgeon has duped you because your hair is not ‘growing’.

Myth: Newly transplanted hair will require you to give it special care for the rest of your life

Fact: After your hair transplant in Dubai, you will need to take extra care of your head, just like you will do after any other cosmetic procedure. This will last for a couple of days or until donor and transplanted areas are healed, then you can ease up. When your new hair starts growing, you can treat it normally.

Myth: You will be at an advantage when you have your hair transplant when you are young

Fact: The truth of the matter is that when you start losing your hair at a younger stage, your hair loss patterns are unpredictable. In other words, your surgeon will not know in which direction your baldness is heading. So if you give it a bit of time for the pattern to be definite, your hair transplant will be more successful. So in other words, younger is not better.

Myth: A hair transplant procedure will always look fake

Fact: One of the top reasons why we are always insisting you go to a board certified plastic surgeon for all your cosmetic procedures is because of such. A hair transplant procedure done by a skilled doctor will never be noticeable not unless you inform those close to you, or people notice that you were once bald but now you have hair. A well done hair transplant in Dubai procedure will always look natural.

For you to get all the facts straight and dispel your doubts on hair transplant in Dubai, we suggest you have a free consultation on the procedure before making up your mind. For that to happen, fill up the form below or give us call for an appointment.

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