Consumption of Caffeine before a Hair Transplant

Gone are the days of unnatural and unsightly toupees to cover hair loss, it is the day and age of hair transplants. People around the world are taking advantage of the latest hair transplant procedures. For people residing in Dubai, some of the finest hair transplant surgeons from around the globe are present in your town.

In order to achieve the best results, there are certain hair transplant surgery precautions that need to be exercised. One of them is to stop consuming caffeine for a couple of days around the transplant surgery. Why this should be done is an important question.


Reasons to Avoid Caffeine

Most people consume caffeine in order to get moving early in the day. Some use it as a source of getting rid of tiredness so that they can carry on with their tasks or just to relax. The problem with caffeine is that it can increase a person’s blood pressure which is likely going to cause bleeding during a transplant surgery. It can also counter the effects of certain medications that are provided to the patient during the hair transplant procedure.

Sources of Caffeine

Most people consume their caffeine through tea or coffee, often in the morning. Tea has a lesser amount of caffeine in comparison with coffee. Some people may get it through the various energy drinks that are loaded with it.

How to Avoid Caffeine Consumption

Avoiding caffeine consumption for most people is not a big problem since it is only for a few days. For those that find it hard, cutting down on the consumption slowly may do the trick. If it is too hard to let go of your morning hot beverage, try the decaffeinated versions. They taste similar and can be a great fix for a few days.

Does it affect the hair transplant if consumed?

It is one of the factors that can affect the hair transplant but its actual effect may not be as definitive as some of the others such as smoking. It is best not to consume it but if someone does, it still may not have the adverse effects. However, it is better to not consume caffeine for a few of days then to risk the success of your hair transplant and bleeding during and after the procedure.

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