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Edward Norton is an actor with great skills and is known to take on challenging roles. His performances have never been anything short of spectacular and though he has yet to win an Academy Award, he has had three nominations to date. His stellar performances include Primal Fear, American History X, Fight Club and Birdman amongst others.

He is pretty stylish and good looking as well which is never a bad thing for an actor. Many would happily stand in line for hours just to get a chance to see the 45-year-old in person. There were some reports a while back, however, which suggested that he was facing the issue of receding hairline.


There is much speculation about what transpired next. Some are confident that the actor underwent a hair transplant surgery since his hairline has greatly improved in the recent times. The signs of balding that were so obvious not too long ago are all but gone.

The obvious change was mentioned by suggesting
“Earlier photos show that his hair line is a different shape then it is now. Before, his hair line curved up at the sides of his head, now it is a nice straight line across his forehead.”

There are a number of other websites who have voiced similar opinions. Even though the pictures surely suggest that a procedure may have taken place, there is no proof other than some before and after snapshots.

The only way to confirm this is that the Edward himself talks about it. In recent times, a number of well-known people have admitted to having hair transplants which is against the common practice in Hollywood. Other than that, it is just guess work.

Whether or not a hair transplant took place, Norton still looks fantastic and it is unlikely that the Boston native will be losing any fans over an alleged hair transplant procedure. We do hope that he can be fourth time lucky when it comes to winning the Oscar Award and continues to mesmerize the audiences with his tremendous performances.

If you are also suffering from a receding hairline, a hair transplant is an excellent option for hairline restoration. Meet a hair transplant surgeon to see if it is a viable option for you.

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