Can You Transplant Body Hair to Your Head?

Hair transplant procedures have been revolutionized in the last 25 years. The results are testament to the good work done in the research and development of these procedures. More and more people are now regaining their confidence with their new and all natural hair.

The current practices, however, have one major limiting factor which is the donor sites. The follicles from the back and the side of the head are the only ones used in these transplants and supply is limited. People that need more than 5000 grafts may find it hard.

So the big question that rises is whether or not the hair from other parts of the body be used? Until recently, the answer was a big no. However, with newer techniques, it seems that it is something that may soon be the norm.


Who is a Good Candidate?

Anyone who has lost a significant number of hair and has a large portion of baldness on the scalp. Such people often do not have enough donor hair for the transplant to bring good results when traditional donor sites are being used.

The Potential Donor Areas

The sites that are being touted as good ones are the beard, the chest and the legs. These have plenty of hair supply and as per an estimate, may be able to offer as much as 20000 grafts.

The Extraction Method

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the method that is employed for such a hair transplant. It uses a pneumatic punch to extract follicles. An individual follicular unit is extracted with ease this way. There is no need to cut strips of scalp.

How Well Do They Gel in?

The transplants that have been done on these lines have shown that the hair gel in quite well if they are carefully put in place. Thicker hair such as those of the beard will look better in the rare parts of the scalp. The leg hair are ideal for the front as they are not very thick. The transplanted hair continue to grow on the same lines as they were in their original spot. So it will take some time for them to adjust. In case of difference of color, using a dye may be required.

The Results

The results are on the same lines as the more traditional hair transplants. The hair loss is controlled and a new look is achieved with this novel transplant idea.


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