Brendan Fraser- hair transplant or something else

Although hard to believe, celebrities are not epitome of perfection. They are normal human beings behind all the glitz and glam. They encounter all the problems experienced by normal human beings. Some of them have weight loss issues, acne issues, skin conditions, depression and hair loss. Hair loss is a matter of great concern for men and celebrities are no exception. Brendan Fraser is one such celebrity who has always been accused of hair transplants and wigs. Let’s dig in to find more Brendan Fraser possible hair transplant:

Brendan Fraser has been a symbol or attraction and masculinity as long as we remember. And his full and thick head of hair as always added to his charm. In all his movies, from Encico Man to Mummy series, he has always been seen with thick and lush hair. Although some time ago, he was seen with a thinning hairline and we all have witnesses his full, thicker hair go to thin hair and receded hair line.


Brendan Fraser was seen on the big screen in the remake of Journey to the Centre of the Earth. We couldn’t help but notice that Brendan Fraser has undergone some sort of hair transplant treatment. Brendan Fraser hair transplant suddenly became the hot topic among his fans and media, immediately after the screening.

When Brendan was seen without any false hair a few years ago, a severe amount of hereditary hair loss was seen. Probably he hasn’t cared enough about his hair or didn’t start incorporating vitamin P in his diet early on which can potentially prevent balding in men. More than 90 percent of men maintain their hair by starting an early medical therapy.

In addition to the genetic causes behind his hair loss, additional damage is caused by him wearing temporary head pieced for him movies and public appearances. These temporary wigs and extensions work temporarily by concealing the thinning hair. But excessive use of such pieces causes further damage to the hair.

He is turning forty soon and has reached his average age for hair transplantation. Although his hair has not been looking great since all these years, he has decided to change the situation and undergo hair transplant.

Brendan Fraser hair transplant is a living and breathing proof of the development of technologies associated with hair transplant. Earlier celebrities who have gone under hair transplantation had a plug-effect when it came to transplanted hair. Now more sophisticated techniques have been developed that result is a more natural appearance. Follicular unit extraction or FUE hair transplant has transformed the face of hair transplant industry. Grafts are extracted one by one from back or side of the head. Holes are punched in the recipient’s area by a punching tool with a diameter of 0.6mm. Grafts are then divided into sets of one, two and three follicular units and placed in the recipient’s area. This gives a natural effect and it becomes difficult to spot the difference between real hair and transplanted hair. Probably, FUE hair transplant lies behind the natural looking appearance of Brendan Fraser hair transplant.

Whatever technique is used, hair transplant surgeon of Brendan Fraser is truly an artist as he has transformed the appearance of this actor. Brendan Fraser is looking exceptional with his newly acquired full head of hair.


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